Banega sparks COVID controversy | Football Italia

  Just days before Sevilla face Roma in the Europa League, Ever Banega caused controversy by partying without a mask in a COVID-19 hotspot.

  The midfielder was caught on camera by Onda Cero dancing at a nightclub in Valencia.

  This particular club has been linked with 12 cases of Coronavirus, so Banega’s presence when he is meant to be following safety protocols sparked controversy in Spain.

  Roma are due to play Sevilla in a one-off match on neutral turf in Germany on August 6.

  Although Banega has already agreed a transfer to Al-Shabaab for next season, he is still available for the Europa League.

  With COVID cases spiking in Spain, it’s increasingly anxious preparing for the European games.

  Inter are due to play Getafe in the Europa League, while Napoli will visit Barcelona, one of the areas where the virus is surging at the moment.