上海水疗会所:China’s containment strategy accumulates damage (bells)

China’s containment strategy accumulates damage (bells)

  Any external suppression will only bring the Chinese people closer together around the CPC Central Committee.Any attempt to contain China’s development is doomed to fail


  Develop Sino-US relations,Avoid strategic misjudgments due to short-sightedness and shallow opinions.Regrettably,For some time,The US’s deliberate misjudgment of Sino-US relations is vividly demonstrated.From the US National Security Strategy report in December 2017 to the National Defense Strategy report in January 2018,Then to the “U.S. Strategic Approach to the People’s Republic of China” in May this year,The US has repeatedly deliberately distorted China’s political system and development goals,Exaggerated the so-called “China threat”,And use this as an excuse to advocate a tough policy that puts pressure on China in all directions,The intention to contain and contain China’s development is clear.

  Is to take advantage of the “two benefits” of Sino-US cooperation,Or take the “both hurt” of Sino-US confrontation,This is a very simple question.unfortunately,Some U.S. politicians rely on their short-sighted visions of not understanding history, seeing reality, and seeing the future.Paranoid about “China’s income,Must be the myth that America lost”,Treat partners as strategic opponents or even rivals,Regarding the competition to promote progress as a “life and death” “war”,Brains are full of outdated Cold War thinking, zero-sum games and deep-rooted ideological prejudices.Their urge to provoke the so-called “new cold war” to China is getting more and more crazy.The harm of kidnapping Sino-US relations with his narrow political self-interest is becoming more and more obvious.

  Economic globalization is the inevitable result of human productivity and the development of market economy.The era of globalization,Really bring global and strategic issues,One is the issue of peace,The second is development issues,The issue of development is the core issue.Developing countries are not open to the outside world,Do not introduce advanced experience, science and technology and funds from developed countries,Can’t develop,Without the development of developing countries,There is no way out for capital and commodities in developed countries.Development will also be limited.China’s sustained and rapid development since reform and opening up,Provides a huge market and unlimited business opportunities for developed countries,In recent years,


China’s economic growth has contributed more than 30% to the world’s economic growth.This is an undeniable fact.

  The Chinese Communist Party always regards the people’s yearning for a better life as its goal,The legitimate right of the Chinese people to pursue national development and a better life should be respected.What cannot be ignored or distorted is thatIn the era of economic globalization,China’s development is a win-win process between China and the world.In this sense,Some American politicians have curbed China’s development,Isn’t it curbing the development of the world, including the United States?Some U.S. politicians have recently become more vigorous and made out of nothing.Defaming the Chinese Communist Party for “born for hegemonism” ,And incited other countries to oppose China together.As everyone knows,Their words and deeds are extremely absurd,It not only exposes the hidden conspiracy to contain China’s development,And it determines that they can only become lonely people in the world.

  The interests of China and the United States are deeply integrated,It is not in the interests of the United States and the American people to contain China’s development.When the U.S. waved the tariff stick to China,The first to feel the pain are American companies, farmers and ordinary consumers.At the hearing held by the Office of the United States Trade Representative,They are worried,Speaking frankly, tariffs will become “a nail that will drive companies into the coffin.”When the U.S. politically suppressed certain Chinese companies,Many American entrepreneurs and people of insight came forward,Make it clear that this is at the expense of American interests.The new crown pneumonia epidemic hit,Some American politicians are obsessed with politicizing the epidemic and stigmatizing China.But it cannot conceal the fact that the United States has not responded well to the epidemic.The rapid increase in confirmed cases and deaths in the United States has aroused strong dissatisfaction among the people.The political manipulation of some American politicians blindly “shocking the pot” to blame will only add fuel to the fire.Facts have repeatedly proved thatIt is impossible for any country to pay back its domestic governance debts on behalf of the US government.The US suppression of China is even less likely to become a ladder to “make America great again.”

  Implement a strategy to contain China,It is tantamount to accumulating damage.People of insight increasingly feel thatThe U.S. move to contain China’s development has turned into damage to the United States.Zoellick, the former US Deputy Secretary of State, believes thatIf you think that U.S.-China cooperation is not in U.S. interests, it would be a big mistake.”Self-deception will only put our country’s diplomacy into trouble.”The US “National” Weekly wrote: “We must speak up-those who advocate the’China threat’,It poses a clear and real danger to the safety and well-being of all Americans.”

  The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Is a historical choice,people’s Choice.History has repeatedly proved thatAny external suppression will only bring the Chinese people closer together around the CPC Central Committee.Any attempt to contain China’s development is doomed to failure.The world has already seen,China’s confidence and determination to overcome all difficulties and obstacles to follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, run its own affairs well, and stand on its own among the nations of the world is extremely firm.Singapore scholar Ma Kaishuo pointed out thatWhen some American politicians talked about the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people,Showed a serious misjudgment,”The Communist Party of China is not a party that will collapse under American pressure: a solid mass base of 1.4 billion people is ushering in a new peak of Chinese civilization under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.”

  Today’s world,The rise of emerging market countries and developing countries is unprecedented,The metabolism and fierce competition brought about by the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation have never been seen before.The trend of the times is unstoppable,To become a big country, it is especially necessary to treat emerging forces with a healthy and rational attitude.Take advantage of each other and leverage each other’s strength to make the cake of common interests bigger,To benefit the people,Give peace to the world.”The West can and must coexist with a rising China.”The chief economic commentator of the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, pointed out that”The West should be faithful to the good angels in its own nature,Only in this way can we live with China.To control the current steering of historical wheels,The West must examine itself inwardly.”Faced with such advice,Some American politicians should reflect deeply.

  Irreversible,People cannot be violated,This is a big question of right and wrong that cannot be misjudged.The U.S. should choose to go half way with China.Work with China to create a grand pattern of cooperation in competition and win-win cooperation in cooperation,To achieve the common development that the Chinese and American peoples expect.

  ”People’s Daily” (August 31, 2020 03 Edition)

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Smalling ready for Roma return | Football Italia

  Chris Smalling is edging closer to his Roma return on a permanent basis for a total of just €12m from Manchester United.

  The defender spent last season at the Stadio Olimpico on loan and was probably their best centre-back, rediscovering his confidence and form.

  There was no option to buy, so negotiations were fraught with difficulty and Manchester United wouldn’t even allow him to remain for the Europa League campaign in August.

  However, Roma are under new owners now with Dan Friedkin taking over from James Pallotta, while Smalling has also been pushing for a return to Italy.

  According to Sky Sport Italia, a deal is imminent, as they are only down to the details now.


Telegraph newspaper also maintains Smalling missed the last couple of training sessions, so is in effect a former Manchester United player.

  The deal would be a loan with obligation to buy fee, with a three-year contract lined up for the player.

  It is a huge step down from Manchester United, who had initially demanded €25m upfront.

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Torino held by Pro Patria | Football Italia

  Simone Zaza’s goal was not enough, as Torino were held to a disappointing pre-season friendly draw by Pro Patria.

  The striker found the net after 30 minutes, but Colombo secured an equaliser in the second half.

  New coach Marco Giampaolo is taking some time to get his tactics drilled into the players, even those who he has worked with before.

  Alex Berenguer had the opportunity to win the game for the Granata, but missed a penalty.

  Torino (4-3-1-2): Milinkovic-Savic (Rosati 46); Izzo (Fiordaliso 46), Nkoulou (Djidji 62), Buongiorno (Bremer 46), Ansaldi (Celesia 46); Meité, Rincon (Segre 62), Aina (Kone 62); Berenguer


(Falque 62); Zaza (Edera 62), De Luca (Rauti 62)

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De Vrij pulls out of Holland squad | Football Italia

  The Dutch Football Federation have confirmed Inter defender Stefan de Vrij has pulled out of the Netherlands squad and will miss the match against Italy.

  De Vrij was called up to


participate in the two UEFA Nations League matches against Poland tomorrow and Italy on Monday.

  The Nerazzurro has pulled out of the squad because of an injury, confirmed by a statement released on the Oranje’s official website.

  “Stefan de Vrij has pulled out of the national squad because of an injury,” the statement read. “The Inter defender leaves the retreat in Zeist and will miss the matches against Poland and Italy.

  Holland CT Dwight Lodeweges will not bring in a replacement for De Vrij.

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Benevento: ‘Bonaventura chose Fiorentina’ | Football Italia

  Benevento President Oreste Vigorito discusses their active transfer strategy, but admits Giacomo Bonaventura ‘chose Fiorentina for reasons other than money.’

  The newly-promoted club are celebrating the 91st anniversary of their foundation today and mark the occasion by going into only their second ever Serie A season.

  “What we learned from last time is that Serie A is not something we are participating in, we have to be ready to take the initiative,” Vigorito told RAI Radio.

  “We’re trying to bring in experienced players who are in their full maturity and can help the existing squad to step up to the next level.

  “Things have also changed, because last time we were promoted via the play-offs, this year by winning the Serie B title. I am curious to see the new signings in action and there are more on the way, for example we’re in talks for Bryan Dabo.”

  Benevento have already snapped up Kamil Glik, Gianluca Lapadula and Gianluca Caprari, but accepted defeat for ex-Milan midfielder Bonaventura, who is expected to sign a two-year contract with the Viola.

  “We did try and made a very important offer to the player, who was interested. We talked to him and his agent, but there were reasons other than money that pushed him towards Fiorentina.

  “I imagine it’s the desire to be closer to his family. I am pleased to say at least that


three years ago we had to explain to players where Benevento was, now it’s recognised on the national level.”

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Mixed reports on Koulibaly to Man City | Football Italia

  There are mixed reports on Kalidou Koulibaly, as while some sources claim a Manchester City deal is imminent for €70m plus bonuses, others state Napoli are demanding €90m.

  Sportitalia are confident Koulibaly has already accepted personal terms with City worth €10m per season net plus €2m in bonuses.

  Sky Sport Italia too maintain Napoli would accept €70m plus bonuses, an offer that is expected


to come in over the next few days.

  However, Il Mattino newspaper claims that President Aurelio De Laurentiis is keeping to the original €90m demands.

  This report also makes clear that Koulibaly would be more than happy to remain at the Stadio San Paolo, something the player himself confessed recently.

  It’s suggested he asked for a small increase in his salary from the current €6m net to €7m plus bonuses, but that Napoli preferred to put the 29-year-old on the market.

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Conte’s Inter is here | Football Italia

  It really is a new era. Physically, tactically and mentally, everything went right for Inter as they cruised past Shakhtar Donetsk 5-0 in the Europa League semi-final. The Nerazzurri are the first Italian club to reach the Europa League Final since Parma in 1999, when it was still the UEFA Cup and a young Gigi Buffon was in goal, and they are determined to go on and win the competition. It is true that Sevilla will be tough opposition, but if Antonio Conte can get the same levels of performance out of his team as he did last night, then they stand a very good chance of achieving what they set out to do and lift the trophy.

  Diego Godin alluded to it before the game. Inter needed to cut out Shakhtar’s passing channels. In the final third, they certainly did this, although Conte’s tactics were to allow the Ukrainians the ball in some areas. Inter sat deep and absorbed the opposition’s pressure, they made sure there was never any definitive ball in dangerous areas. The plan to allow them to attack, break up the play and hit them on the counter worked perfectly, especially as Donetsk had such a high defensive line.

  Romelu Lukaku also spoke after the game of how they knew if they kept the centre of defence closed, they would physically be too much for their opponents. The Belgian was exemplary once again, bagging a brace and an assist in the 5-0 drubbing. It is fair to heap praise on the attacking players, Lautaro Martinez who also netted twice and created a goal, was electric and Nicolò Barella showed once again that he is developing into a world-class midfielder.

  The former Cagliari man seemed to be everywhere, snapping at the heels of every Shakhtar player, leading the high press and of course providing the assist for the opening Lautaro Martinez header. The little terrier is also learning to focus more and not lunge into unnecessary tackles. It’s amazing Barella has developed a skill at 23 that fellow Italy international Marco Verratti has still not come close to at 27.

  It has to be said however, that one of the main reasons that these complete team performances are happening more often under Conte, is because of the defensive organisation. Stefan de Vrij was in fine form, whilst the experience from Godin and the maturity shown from Alessandro Bastoni, allowed the rest of the Nerazzurri to be able to carry out the plan. They trusted the defence, they trusted the goalkeeper and that allowed the full-backs and midfielders to sit when needed and break when needed.

  It has been 10 years since Inter last won in Europe, that was the unforgettable 2010 Treble team, but the fans are now beginning to dream again. The defensive stability will certainly be something that will also bring hope, as solid defences have been at the heart of so many great Inter sides. Whether Helenio Herrera’s Grande Inter, to Giovanni Trapattoni’s side of the late 1980’s to the aforementioned Jose Mourinho’s Treble winners, all were solid at the back. Perhaps the irony of Inter is that they have often not focused on the back line


in order to fund the star-studded creative players that the Morattis loved so much.

  On the strength of the last couple of months, Conte deserves to be given absolutely anything he wants. It’s been a decade since Inter have shown this kind of hunger, let alone work-rate and efficiency. He said he knew the ‘steps’ this team needed to go through in order to become a truly top level outfit and his tough love approach was purely aimed at making them stronger. His methods might not be diplomatic, but he has proved himself more than worthy of Suning’s absolute trust.

  The Final in Cologne on Friday night has the potential to be a fantastic affair, as Inter seem unstoppable at the moment, but take on the Europa League serial winners Sevilla. On the strength of the 5-0 victory against Shakhtar Donetsk, Manchester United will probably be quite relieved they won’t get that reunion with Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez and Ashley Young.

  This isn’t just about the trophy now, but the future for Inter. Victory would ensure an easier draw in the Champions League group phase, above all marking the start of this new Conte era with silverware and maintaining spectacular momentum across the brief summer break, able to challenge for more trophies next season and beyond. As the hashtag said, #InterIsComing. Well, they’re here.

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Cagliari move for Villa? | Football Italia

  Cagliari are, according to Il Corriere dello Sport, preparing to make a move for Boca Juniors attacker Sebastian Villa this summer.

  The Rossoblu coach Eusebio Di Francesco admires the 24-year-old Colombian winger, who can operate on both sides of the attack.

  Villa moved to Boca Juniors in July 2018 and has contributed five goals and 11 assists in 58 games for the Xeneizes.

  The newspaper claims the two clubs have yet to reach an agreement, as Di Francesco pushes the Casteddu to make a move.

  The player’s entourage have, according to the report, already come to terms with the Sardinians and the only thing missing is an arrangement between the two sides.

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Liveblog: Serie A Wk36 Saturday | Football Italia

  Join us for all the build-up and action as it happens from today’s three Serie A games, Brescia-Parma, Genoa-Inter and Napoli-Sassuolo.

  If you are on a mobile device or tablet, then follow the Liveblog HERE.

  We begin at 16.15 UK time (15.15 GMT) at the Stadio Rigamonti, where already-relegated Brescia try to go out with dignity against stuttering Parma.

  At 18.30 UK time (17.30 GMT), there’s a crucial clash at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris for both ends of the table, as Genoa are just above the relegation zone, while Inter can recapture second place and keep the Scudetto race alive for a little longer.

  Entertainment is expected at 20.45 UK time (19.45 GMT), as Napoli and Sassuolo go head-to-head with their all-attack approach and the pressure lifted.

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