男士spa会所:Another important progress has been made in the construction of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail

Another important progress was made in the construction of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway in Indonesia
11月7日,印尼雅万高铁项目4号梁场架梁通道上控制性工程DK121刚构连续梁顺利合龙。November 7,The DK121 rigid frame continuous beam of the control engineering DK121 on the beam erection channel of the No. 4 beam yard of the Indonesian Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project was successfully closed.

Jakarta, November 8th (Reporter Xu Wei) November 7th,The DK121 rigid frame continuous beam of the control engineering DK121 on the beam erection channel of the No. 4 beam yard of the Indonesian Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project was successfully closed.It marks another important progress in project construction,It creates good conditions for subsequent beam erection and track laying construction.

The DK121 continuous beam constructed by the bridge work area (China Railway Fourth Bureau) of the second branch of the China Railway Indonesia Yawan High-speed Railway Project Manager Department,It is the first pre-stressed cast-in-place continuous box girder that has passed the beam erection in the small mileage direction (Bandung to Jakarta direction) of the No. 4 beam yard.It is also a key control project on the project beam channel.To ensure the safe and orderly progress of project construction during the epidemic,Participating units monitor the continuous beam construction as a high-risk process.Strengthen the protection of personnel and machinery and equipment,Strengthen construction organization,Finally, it is ensured that the continuous beam closes smoothly.

During the construction process,Chinese technicians lead local workers to carry out on-site “teacher and apprentice” practical training,Through the method of “passing, helping and bringing”,Effectively improve the working skills of local workers,Trained a large number of professional and technical workers for the local area.

The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project is the “first order” for China’s high-speed rail system, all elements, and full production chain to go abroad.It is also a landmark project of the “Belt and Road” initiative and a national strategic project in Indonesia.The total length of the project is 142 kilometers,The maximum design speed is 350 kilometers per hour.After the completion and opening to traffic,The train running time from Jakarta to Bandung will be shortened from the current three hours to 40 minutes.

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上海养生会所:A brigade of the 71st Group Army helps recruits take the first step towards the barracks

A brigade of the 71st Group Army helps recruits take the first step towards the barracks
Original title: History of the Glory Brigade fortifies the spirit of fighting

“During Jincheng’s counterattack,The right leg of Chang Haicheng was broken in three rows in five consecutive rows.Still insist on fighting,Until the glorious sacrifice.” In late October,Xie Jia, an instructor of a new barracks in a brigade of the 71st Group Army, combined pictures and video materials,Tell the story of battle history,The recruits on the scene were thrilled.

Since the recruits entered the camp,The brigade pays attention to its own red resource advantages,Integrate the history of travel into the education of the “Beginning of the Soldier”,Guide recruits to root in the barracks,Strengthen the spirit of fighting.

The brigade found in the preliminary investigation thatAs the training intensity increases,Part of the recruits had a fear of difficulty.to this end,They organize visits to historical museums and other forms,Lead the recruits to learn about brigade history,Enhance the sense of honor and responsibility of recruits; extensively carry out educational activities such as “telling battle stories and striving to be heroes”,Encourage recruits to share their experiences and experience with their comrades in arms; organize discussions on topics such as “What do we lack compared with the revolutionary ancestors”, “How do we do the cause of strengthening the army and revitalizing the army”, etc.Guide recruits to learn by example, practice standards, and follow directions.

College recruit Li Xin came to the army,Because of the training can not keep up with the rhythm, the mood was down.In the event,The story of “Super Blasting Hero” Li Guangzheng fighting bravely moved him deeply.After hard work,Now Li Xin’s military training performance has improved significantly.”The revolutionary ancestors went forward without fear of sacrifice,I want to learn from them,Strive to be a qualified new era revolutionary soldier!”Li Xin said.

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上海男子养生会所:Do more exercises to increase height, adhere to 6 kinds of exercises to promote height growth

Do more exercises can increase height, adhere to 6 kinds of exercises to promote height growth

  Everyone knows that in addition to genetic factors, heightAcquired exercise and daily nutritional supplements are also important factors that promote children’s height growth.Among them, exercise has a great influence on young people who are in the long-term physical stage.Then,What more exercises can increase height?Adhere to 6 kinds of sports to promote height growth.

  1. Stretching exercises,Such as the horizontal bar hanging,This kind of exercise is more suitable for older children,Can improve muscle elasticity and ligament flexibility,Stick to about 25s each time,But when doing this sport, parents should pay attention to safety protection measures for their children.

  2. Jump up and touch high,A target height can be determined according to the height of the child,You can choose to jump on one foot or two feet in rotation during exercise.Let the child try his best to reach the target height.

  3. Swimming,Swimming can not only exercise children’s cardiorespiratory function,It can also effectively help children grow taller,And this exercise can reduce weight damage to bones and joints,Generally, children can learn about 6 years old.

  4. Ball games,Such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, etc.,The jumping and stretching of this kind of systemic exercise can stimulate bone development.And long-term exercise can also strengthen the physique,Improve your own immunity.

  5. Aerobic exercise,Such as jogging, skipping rope running, etc.,Helps accelerate the body’s metabolism,Help young people grow taller,If the child is young,Parents can take their children to do climbing exercises,Such as climbing stairs.

  6. Jumping exercises,Such as rope skipping, long jump, etc.,These exercises can stimulate bone development,Promote bone growth,Especially 13-18 years old are in the golden age of growing taller,Doing more jumping exercises will have a great opportunity to grow taller.

  Regarding more exercises to increase height,Insist on 6 kinds of sports to promote height growth is introduced here,In addition to increasing exercise for adolescents’ height development,Keep up with your daily diet,Especially children with picky eating habits,Parents must correct their children’s bad eating habits in time,So as to avoid unsatisfactory height due to lack of nutrition.

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上海男子养生会所:A city and a person

A city and a person

  The Cultural Center of the Bank of Brazil, Brasilia.
  Photo by Zhu Dongjun

  The urban construction of Brasilia is quite magnificent.Looking out from the wide central axis avenue,There are not many obstructions between the person and the horizon,The three-dimensional world seems to be compressed into two-dimensional,Coupled with the shining sun on the plateau,There is a feeling of huge space rushing to the face.And the huge space,It is the perfect place to showcase the works of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

  When this feeling occurs,I am standing in front of the National Museum of Brasilia on the Central Axis Avenue.This hemispherical building is white and smooth,A long ramp extends from the ground to the entrance in the middle of the hemisphere.Go up the ramp,It is like entering a future world.When this work was completed in 2006,Niemeyer is 99 years old.Half a century back in time,Niemeyer witnessed the growth of Brasilia from a barrenness,Engraved his distinctive personal style on the city-the most important buildings in the city are all from his hands.

  He was given this mission by the then President of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek.There was an intersection between the two in the 1940s.At that time Kubitschek was the mayor of Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais.The fledgling Niemeyer was invited to design a series of novel buildings on the banks of Lake Pampulha in the city.Declare the formation of personal style.More than 10 years later,The mayor of the year became president,Began to firmly advance the project of establishing a new capital,He went directly to Niemeyer: “We built Pampulha,Now let us build a new capital.”

  in history,Brazil has established the capitals of Salvador and Rio de Janeiro as two coastal cities,Moving the capital inland will help balance the country’s development.Promote national unity.Kubitschek’s new capital is to be different,To face the future.Niemeyer is the one who can help him realize his dream.Niemeyer tried to break dogma and stereotypes with imagination,To be in the European tradition and the “correct” square building,Develop a style that belongs to Brazil.”Architecture is creation” and “form obeys beauty” are the architect’s creed.

  Niemeyer believed,Beauty exists in the whimsical, unexpected, and irregular things.And the curve contains such beauty.”If a straight line is the shortest path between two points,Then the curve creates infinity.Niemeyer said he has never been attracted by the monotonous right angles and artificially rigid straight lines.”What fascinates me is the free and emotional curve,It is the curve I found in the mountains, winding rivers, and waves of the sea in the motherland.”

  Continue along the broad central axis of Brasilia,There are such curves everywhere.16 pure white pillars in the shape of a parabola form a circle,The dome that forms the cathedral of Brasilia protruding from the ground,The pillars gather and then spread out,Full of upward force.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs building is surrounded by pool water,An elegant arched colonnade rises from the pool.Standing under the porch and looking up,Golden waves rippling on the gray concrete,Layers,It’s like an illusion.Niemeyer is a dreamer.”People can only endure pain if they have a dream.”He wants people to stop because of his architecture.Amazed at what I saw,Have a moment of joy.So his architecture has meaning.The critic said,Niemeyer’s works can often become landmarks.”He has this extraordinary ability,Can define a city,one country,A soul,a moment.”

  Someone saw Rio’s mountains from Niemey’s curve.Rio is the hometown of Niemeyer,The abundant natural beauty gave him the initial enlightenment.”When I was a kid,Often use fingers to gesture in the air.Mom always asks me,what are you doing?I replied,Painting.Painting led me to architecture.”When I graduated from architecture,Niemeyer is married,have kids,Not much money,But he chose to work for free next to Lucio Costa.”Because I want to create good buildings.I learned a lot by his side.”

  Costa is an advocate of Brazilian modernist architecture,He is also a city planner in Brasilia.He designed an airplane-shaped silhouette for the city.

  From the beginning of the design to the official relocation of the capital in 1960,Niemeyer seems to have gone through an adventure,The work is heavy and pleasant.”But in 4 years,We completed this task,Shocked the richest and most experienced countries,Showed the courage of a young country,Open your arms to all freedom and innovation.”of course,Innovation doesn’t always get good reviews,Niemeyer’s response: “People may like or dislike this city,But I can never say I have seen something similar.”

  year 1987,Brasilia is included in the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO.The following year,Niemeyer was awarded the most prestigious Pritzker Prize in architecture,The evaluation said that his architecture condensed the essence of color, light and shadow, and sensory imagery of Brazil.In the form of art,There is also logic and substance.Year 2008,Niemeyer went to Brasilia again.”It rained heavily in the morning,The rain seems to have come to make these buildings more glamorous when their creators pass by.”The report at the time was so recorded.For this creator,”It’s always good to go back to Brasilia,See it growing.”

  The final intersection between Niemeyer and the city,It’s his farewell style.Niemer used to say,Life is short,Only one minute.But his one minute is slightly longer than ordinary people,When he passed away in 2012,It is only 10 days before his 105th birthday.In the last days,He is still talking about architecture.Throughout his life,He has left about 600 works around the world.When the body was transported to the Presidential Palace,People lined up,The Brazilian flag covers the coffin.The family said,He had to leave without returning to Brasilia.

  The architect was finally buried in the Sao Jo?o Batista Cemetery in Rio.The tombstone is unremarkable,But from there you can see Monte Cristo,Rio’s most iconic curve.This is probably the best company for him.

  ”People’s Daily” (November 01, 2020 07 Edition)

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上海养生会所:46 new cases of new coronary pneumonia confirmed in Sapporo, 2,854 confirmed cases in Hokkaido

46 new cases of new coronary pneumonia confirmed in Sapporo, 2,854 confirmed cases in Hokkaido

Tokyo, October 27. According to a report from Japan’s NHK TV station,26th,46 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Sapporo, Hokkaido,The number of newly confirmed cases in a single day hit a new high since the 24th (43 cases).

That day,There are 50 new cases across Hokkaido,There were more than 40 new cases in a single day for 5 consecutive days.In addition to more new additions in Sapporo,Asahikawa City, Ishikari District, Tokachi District, and Kushiro District each added one new case.

As of 5:30 pm local time on the 26th,The total number of confirmed cases throughout Hokkaido reached 2,854.(Compilation: Liu Ge, proofreading: Chen Jianjun)

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男士spa会所:Military Medical Expert Group: Be brave as a scientific and technological war epidemic commando

Military Medical Expert Group: Be brave as a scientific and technological war “epidemic” commando

Group photo of a group of military medical experts fighting in Wuhan 

January 2020,A sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic swept the country,The “pause button” was pressed in Wuhan, a thoroughfare of nine provinces.

This is a major public health emergency,It is also an unprecedented test.

Orders like a mountain,Charge forward.January 26,A team of military medical experts led by Chen Wei, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a researcher at the Academy of Military Medicine, was ordered to leave Wuhan.

In 113 days,All members of the expert group race against time, fight against illness, and compete with death,The first batch went out and the last batch was evacuated.

they,Not afraid of disease test samples,Reluctant to debug equipment day and night,Set up a benchmark for “scientific research fist”,The “Scientific Research Iron Army” brand was launched.

they,Implement the new military science spirit of “loyalty, research and warfare, innovation, truth-seeking, and sentiment” to the forefront of epidemic prevention and control.

they,Launch a series of major achievements with the best design, fastest speed and shortest time,Repay the commander’s trust and respond to people’s expectations with practical actions,Handed in an excellent answer to the “epidemic” of the science and technology war,Contributed military power to win the “Hubei Defense War and Wuhan Defense War”.

On March 16th, the expert group held a ceremony to join the party in the line of fire,Chen Wei takes the oath  Photo by Shao Longfei


To Wuhan,Go to the front line of epidemic prevention and control,Go where the party and the people need it most!

January 25,The first day of the Chinese New Year.

at night,The phone of Zhang Xiaopeng, an associate researcher at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences rang–

“We are going to Wuhan to support,Can you hurry back?”

“no problem,Leave now!”

After receiving a call from Academician Chen Wei,Zhang Xiaopeng hurriedly bid farewell to his relatives.Half past one in the morning,He drove out of Shangqiu, Henan with his wife and daughter,Towards Beijing

at this time,After receiving the notice, Huang Yong, an assistant researcher who spent the New Year in his hometown in Sichuan,Immediately booked a ticket to Beijing that morning;

After the assistant researcher Chi Xiangyang, who had not returned to his hometown in Jilin for the New Year for ten years, accepted the task,Immediately cancelled the reserved ticket,Ask your lover to take care of the 3-year-old child;

Researchers Cao Cheng, Jiang Tao,Return to the laboratory for the first time to pack the box,Sort out more than 40 boxes of various equipment and reagents,It ensures that scientific research can be started as soon as possible after going out to the mission area.

In order to strengthen the front-line defense and control forces in Wuhan,Experts in the field of military medical research of the Academy of Military Sciences,Was ordered to form a military medical expert group,Responsible for emergency detection and scientific research on the Wuhan epidemic.

Academician Chen Wei served as the team leader,Researcher Cao Wuchun served as the deputy team leader.

This team of experts,They are the backbone forces engaged in pathogen research, vaccine research and development, and medical equipment research and development for a long time.From the SARS outbreak,To human infection with H7N9 avian influenza, and then to the 2014 West African Ebola pandemic,These years of tenacious battle with pathogens, these scientific research soldiers who have experienced many battles are once again in danger.

On the evening of January 26,The first group of 13 comrades boarded the plane,Head to Wuhan.

The epidemic is military situation,Prevention and control is responsibility.”Retrograde” is not a choice,It’s mission.

Researchers deployed equipment overnight at Huoshenshan Hospital.  Shao Longfei  Photo

Save people!Save people!

Do whatever is needed for epidemic prevention and control,Nucleic acid testing and antibody screening race against time!

After arriving in Wuhan,How to complete the missions and tasks assigned by superiors with high standards and quickly launch prevention and control is the most urgent and realistic issue facing the expert group.

at this time,The epidemic in Wuhan is on the rise,The city’s need for virus nucleic acid testing is very urgent.

The expert group held a party meeting overnight,The guiding ideology of “full chain design, integrated research, short-term and long-term consideration” was set,Clearly focus on vaccine research as the main focus,Testing traceability, expert guidance, sample collection, results verification, aerosol testing and other work were carried out simultaneously.

Prepare for the worst,Come up with the most adequate plan,Prepare to fight for the longest term!

Under the command of Academician Chen Wei,In just 24 hours,A negative pressure tent type mobile laboratory,It was built next to the pharmacy building of the General Hospital of the Central War Zone on the hillside.

The expert group built a fully automated nucleic acid extraction platform,Using self-developed kits,And the method of fully automatic nucleic acid extraction,The single-day specimen detection capacity can reach more than 1,000 samples.

Jiang Tao, leader of the nucleic acid detection group, said,At the beginning of the epidemic,Whether it is the detection speed,Or the proportion of tasks,Such responses are among the best in Wuhan.

In order to effectively detect the new coronavirus infection,In the first half of February,Associate researcher Zhang Xiaopeng of the expert group and his comrades began to build a fully automated antibody detection platform based on chemiluminescence.The platform can simultaneously detect the four antibodies of IgM and IgG of the N and S proteins of the new coronavirus.Improve the accuracy of patient clinical diagnosis.

Co-infection of new coronary pneumonia and other respiratory diseases,It is another major challenge facing clinical diagnosis and treatment.

to this end,The expert team has established a multiple pathogen detection platform,It can detect 16-22 kinds of respiratory pathogens such as influenza virus and Mycoplasma pneumonia at the same time,Effectively answered “Is it a new coronavirus infection?if not,What is the pathogenic infection” and other urgent clinical needs.

There were two critically ill patients,The hospital uses a variety of treatment options,The effect is not satisfactory.

After receiving the hospital’s demand,The expert group collected various body fluid samples of patients for comprehensive testing.The results show that,One of the patients is new coronary pneumonia combined with influenza B,Another patient had mycoplasma infection in his specimen.These tests have guided the clinical implementation of more targeted treatments.

“The expert group and related military and local units such as the Central Theater General Hospital,The working mechanism of joint defense, joint control, joint governance, and joint research was quickly established.Said Zhang Ke, an associate researcher in charge of scientific research management and task coordination of the expert group.In order to accelerate the progress of scientific research,The expert team set up a testing room in the infectious disease area of the hospital,Zero distance from clinical treatment,Real-time evaluation of treatment effects.

March 8,Academician Chen Wei checked the nucleic acid test data in the laboratory. Photo by Zhang Zhenwei


Rush up at critical moments, and overcome the crisis,Is the real communist

Prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia,It is very important to understand the law of transmission of the virus and its pathogenic mechanism.

In early February this year,The Wuhan epidemic has reached its peak.Whether the virus is spread through aerosols,Become a general concern.

Researcher Cao Cheng from the expert group led the team to Jinyintan Hospital for a full range of aerosol sampling.From office work area to material storage area,From the garbage disposal area to the inspection department,Even the ICU ward that treats critically ill patients,They were left everywhere.

In the ICU ward,The expert team members risked being infected,Next to the patient’s tracheal intubation operation,Collect air samples at zero distance.By collecting air samples from different environments in the hospital,Comprehensively assess the risk of infection within the hospital,Draw epidemiological survey results,Provide a scientific basis for clinical medical work.

Researchers Cao Wuchun and Cao Cheng, who are over fifty years old, have also led a team to go to Vulcan Mountain Hospital, Taikang Tongji Hospital and various cabin doctors to carry out multi-point and all-round aerosol propagation sampling investigations.It takes more than 6 hours to go in once.

once,Cao Wuchun was lying next to the public toilet of the Fangcai Hospital to sample the surface wipes.When the sampling is over,He took off his protective clothing and put on a military uniform,The nurses in the shelter hospital exclaimed: “Look, everyone,The sample just now is a general!”

“As an old party member,What’s the matter if it’s dirty or tired?”Cao Wuchun’s answer moved many people.

Sinking to the front line of research,Provide insights.The expert team actively participates in various epidemic research and judgments,Has submitted more than 20 significant research reports,Many suggestions have been adopted and applied.

Where is the most nervous,Where is the most dangerous,Wherever there are numerous members of the expert group fighting.

Pathological research is the most basic, most direct and effective way to uncover the truth about new infectious diseases.However, in the early days of the establishment of Vulcan Mountain Hospital,Since there is no existing necropsy room,Pathology research work was once in trouble.

Researcher Qi Jiancheng of the expert group led a team to take the initiative,Creatively put forward the overall plan of using surgical shelter to transform pathological shelter.

They made military orders,In just 5 days,Complete the emergency transformation of the existing conventional surgical shelter.

“Dare to watch,But I have to watch it.”Zhang Zongxing, an engineer who was ordered to the Huoshenshan Hospital, had guaranteed 3 consecutive pathological autopsies for at most one day.He is wearing a three-level protective suit,Worked for more than 11 hours without eating or drinking,The moment he took off his protective clothing,The person is almost collapsed.

The day of order,Forget about home!At the moment,Forget about his dear!When drumming,Forget about it!

Fighting on the front line of the epidemic,There are also three female doctors, Chi Xiangyang, Zhang Mengyao, and Dong Yunzhu-they both participated in the nucleic acid test,Participated in research on vaccines and antibodies.

In more than 100 days in Wuhan,They are used to such overwork,I am used to finding a place to “squint” in a nearby meeting room,Get used to “just touch the bed”,Used to getting acne, dark circles, hair loss on the face.

Because I often miss meals,The masters in the cafeteria are also used to serving them individually in bowls of noodles.once,While waiting for the noodles for a few minutes,Zhang Mengyao was so tired that she fell asleep at the dinner table.

Associate researcher Dong Yunzhu and her husband received a marriage certificate in early 2018.For reasons such as going to Africa to perform medical rescue missions,The wedding date has been postponed twice.She originally planned to hold the wedding in April this year,It had to be postponed for the third time.

Recombinant new crown vaccine (adenovirus vector) approved for clinical trials  Shao Longfei  Photo

Academician Chen Wei and vaccine clinical trial volunteers together  Zhang Zhenwei  Photo


Step on the accelerator to the end,All the way forward,Because “In addition to victory,No choice”

March 2,President Xi pointed out when inspecting the Academy of Military Medicine of the Academy of Military Sciences:Give full play to the role of the commando and the main force,Develop safe and effective vaccines, drugs, and testing reagents as soon as possible,Fully meet the needs of fighting the epidemic.

“vaccine,Must first be independently developed by China!”Academician Chen Wei kept in mind the leader’s request,Words are full of confidence.

In late January,The team immediately launched the in-depth bioinformatics analysis and vaccine design of adenovirus vector vaccines.And quickly received special emergency support from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In Wuhan,Academician Chen Wei is responsible for vaccine research and development,The rear is led by researcher Hou Lihua,Joint local units to coordinate research.

Aim at the target,”Throttle” stepped on to the end,All the way forward.

History will remember this series of flashing moments-

February 26,Vaccine GLP safety evaluation, animal effectiveness evaluation and national third-party quality review were officially launched,Experiments show thatThe vaccine process is stable,The quality meets the expected standard,Good immunogenicity.

March 16,The vaccine passed the clinical research registration review,And completed the first immunization at 20:18 on the same day,Become the world’s first new coronavirus vaccine to conduct clinical trials.

April 10,108 volunteers who completed the Phase I clinical trial of the vaccine,All end concentrated medical observation,Good health.

April 12,The vaccine started phase II clinical trials.This was the only new coronavirus vaccine in the world that entered Phase II clinical trials at that time.

May 22,Phase I clinical results were published in the internationally renowned medical journal “The Lancet”,All 108 volunteers developed an immune response.This is the human clinical data of the world’s first new crown vaccine,It is a milestone in the fight against the new coronavirus.

June 22,The team of Academician Chen Wei discovered the first highly effective neutralizing monoclonal antibody targeting the N-terminal domain of the spike protein.This is after successfully developing the world’s first new crown vaccine,Another major scientific research progress of the team.

July 20,The team of Academician Chen Wei released the Phase II clinical data for the first time to the world.Once again proved the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine,

August 11,The new crown vaccine developed by the team of Academician Chen Wei has obtained the national invention patent.

“We have independent intellectual property rights for this vaccine,It means that we don’t need to look at the faces of others to develop our vaccines at any time and on any occasion.When the subsequent vaccine is put into production and application,We can also let the Chinese people at a lower price when they need it,Get vaccinated the first time.”Chen Wei’s words are sonorous and powerful.

Behind the world’s leading vaccine research and development,Condensed a lot of hard work and dedication of the academician Chen Wei team.

In the later stage of Wuhan’s fight against the epidemic,one day,When Academician Chen Wei went to get a haircut,The barber said distressedly: “Academician,Why do you have so much white hair!”

The academician who had never been gray-haired before discovered thatIn just three months,I gave birth to many gray hairs,People also lost a lot of weight.But she said: “I’ve lost my head for the people of Wuhan,I am willing!”

now,The members of the expert group after returning to the establishment have all returned to their jobs.

Academician Chen Wei and his comrades have already started a new round of “battle”: to accelerate the advancement of the Phase III international multi-center clinical trial of the new crown vaccine,Step up the development of monoclonal antibody drugs specifically for the treatment of new coronavirus infections and new biological drugs to improve the degree of pulmonary fibrosis in patients with new coronary pneumonia,Innovative research and development of new biological protective equipment.

If a person’s career choice can be combined with the country’s major needs,Personal value will be multiplied.This is a saying often said by Academician Chen Wei, winner of the national honorary title of “People’s Hero”.

Inspired and led by Academician Chen Wei,All members of the military medical expert group amplify their value time and time again-

because,In terms of the country, the people, and even mankind,In addition to victory,No choice! (Huang Zijuan, Zhuang Yingna, Wang Di, Wang Jingyi)

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上海水疗会所:All Nippon Airways will use the A380 aircraft to launch the third peripheral tour and extend the flight time

All Nippon Airways will use the A380 aircraft to launch the third peripheral tour and extend the flight time

Tokyo, October 19. According to the Japanese Impress Watch website,Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced on October 13,On November 15th, the Airbus A380 “FLYING HONU” aircraft will be used to launch the third “surrounding tour” flight project.And began to accept appointment applications.

All Nippon Airways used the A380’s “surrounding tour” for its first flight on August 22.For the second flight on September 20,very popular,The number of applicants exceeded 110 times of the capacity.

It is reported that,The takeoff and landing of the third flight were also at Narita Airport.However, the implementation content has changed,The flight time was extended to about 3 hours,Is nearly twice as much as before,Not only provide drinks and other beverages,Snacks such as banana muffin cake and caramel popcorn are also added on the Honolulu route.

According to reports,The price of the special class for this “surrounding tour” flight is 6.80,000 yen,The business class price is 5.30,000 yen (by the window)/4.80,000 yen (by the corridor),The price of high-end economy class is 3.80,000 yen (by the window)/3.30,000 yen (by the corridor),The economy class price is 3.30,000 yen (by the window)/3.10,000 yen (window wing)/2.80,000 yen (by the corridor).(Compiler: Deng Xue Reviewer: Chen Jianjun)

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上海娱乐会所:Brazilian scholar: China is winning on the road to poverty alleviation

Brazilian scholar: China is winning on the road to poverty alleviation

Extreme poverty is undoubtedly one of the oldest, most troubling, and painful problems in human history.The targeted poverty alleviation policy formulated and implemented by Chinese President Xi Jinping is one of China’s greatest achievements in history.It is also a great contribution to the people. In addition to benefiting the Chinese people,It also inspired people all over the world.In addition,China has set an example: as long as there is determination to face great challenges,And fully mobilize human and material resources,Any feat can be achieved.

Although China has 1.4 billion people,However, we still tried every means to complete the two most important tasks in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations ten years ahead of schedule.It better interprets China’s achievements.Among the 17 goals proposed by the United Nations,Eliminating poverty and hunger are precisely the first two goals.

The reform and opening policy that began in the late 1970s opened a new chapter in Chinese history.In the past four decades of economic development,More than 800 million Chinese people have been lifted out of poverty.In order to have a better understanding of this number,Just remember one thing: the total population of the 12 countries in South America is just over 400 million.

The 18th CPC National Congress emphasized that common prosperity is the fundamental principle of socialism with Chinese characteristics.October 2017,The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made poverty eradication one of the top priorities.

Actually,Since Xi Jinping assumed office as China’s supreme leader in November 2012,Solving the problem of poverty to achieve common prosperity has become one of the top tasks.Even the most important task.Therefore,He has personally participated in both theoretical and practical levels.year 2013,When President Xi Jinping visited Hunan,Put forward the concept of “precise poverty alleviation”,This is a response to a real challenge.He pointed out thatNo matter how developed and rich the country is,If there is no specific and targeted effort to solve this problem,Poor areas often continue to exist.He also said,Traditional aid and subsidies alone are not enough.In other words,To really successfully solve the poverty problem,It is also necessary to innovate in understanding and response methods.If the poverty problem is not resolved, the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way cannot be successfully achieved by 2020.This goal is a basic part of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation proposed by Xi Jinping.

The concept of “precise poverty alleviation” put forward by Xi Jinping is very innovative.This concept also emphasizes,We need to accurately and deeply understand the internal and specific realities of poverty,And determine the precise monitoring of beneficiaries, resource use, project design, the implementation of measures for poor families, the person in charge of management and the results of poverty alleviation.In other words,There is a detailed road map in this concept,Explain how to succeed in poverty eradication; poor families can take advantage of the help and opportunities provided by the government,Get a more prosperous life with your own strength.

In September 2007,I left Brazil and came to Xi’an, China,So far, he has been working and living in China for 13 years.these years,I have witnessed the changes in China with my own eyes.I have traveled to almost all administrative regions in China,Visited big cities and small villages.In the few years I first arrived in China,Infrastructure is still the focus of development in this country.In remote rural areas,People seem to be far from the well-being of this development.

July 2019,After more than 6 years,I came again to the area where I lived in the first few years of my arrival in China.The changes that have taken place here are truly amazing.People who were almost isolated from the world are now connected to each other through advanced transportation, service and communication networks.Agricultural development is obvious,Some economic activities that hardly existed before,Such as rural tourism and cross-regional trade,It is very common now.of course,These changes are partly attributed to targeted poverty alleviation policies,This policy has actively changed the face of various communities,Increased income for local residents that was unimaginable in the past.

I lived in Zhejiang for five years,I often go to the countryside to pick fruits with my wife,Feel the nature better,Enjoy the unique local atmosphere.Online shopping is common throughout China,Various foods can be purchased directly from small farmers.I share a story: After staying in China for a long time,I found that in Guangxi, you can find one of the favorite foods of Brazilian breakfasts-cassava.For most Brazilians,This is a common food,Mainly grows in the north and northeast of Brazil-my birthplace.This discovery rekindled my emotional memory,It also makes my life better.It also made me realize thatChinese people,No matter where you live,Are more and more closely connected with the world,And began to benefit more and more from the benefits of national development.therefore,Although there are still many difficulties,But the growing prosperity everywhere is obvious,From children to the elderly,People’s living standards have been improved.

Since ancient times,Chinese civilization has made great contributions to all mankind.In addition to the four great inventions of papermaking, gunpowder, printing and the compass,Also created feats spanning centuries through products such as tea, silk and porcelain.Inspired the imagination of different nations.The Great Wall, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Dujiangyan Irrigation System are all listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.These are all great projects built by the Chinese people for defense and internal development.In addition,Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, Zhuangzi and many other thinkers who continue to influence the modern world,The profound philosophical heritage left by them is the indisputable proof that the strength of Chinese civilization and the people have overcome difficulties.Nowadays,This can be seen from the great achievements in poverty eradication.

this year,Although affected by many factors such as the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the southern floods, and the severe international political situation,China remains confident.The People’s Republic of China has been established for more than 70 years,The Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China are victorious on the road to poverty alleviation. (Translated by Li Jinqing)

(The author is a PhD in Political Science from the University of S?o Paulo, Brazil,Currently working at Zhejiang International Studies University)

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