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An unusual event (Wanghailou)

  ”Historically,No matter what risks, disasters, or upstream currents are encountered,Human society always has to advance,And it must be able to move on.”At the opening ceremony of the Third China International Import Expo,President Xi Jinping’s words,It touched many people.

  This is an extraordinary event,This is a far-reaching event.The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought severe impact to countries around the world.The original exchanges in various fields such as economy, trade, technology, and humanities were hindered.Simultaneously,Economic globalization has encountered “headwinds” and “backwinds”,Protectionism and unilateralism are rampant,International trade and investment shrank sharply,The world economy is facing many complex challenges.special period,The third CIIE is very valuable to be held as scheduled.

  ——CIIE,Let the world share the Chinese market.Blueberries in Chile, coffee in East Timor, hydrogen fuel cell cars in Japan, electric excavators in Sweden, beauty and skin care equipment in France. this year,The exhibition area of the CIIE has expanded by nearly 30,000 square meters.High-quality products from all over the world gather in “Clover”,Fight for Chinese consumers.China has 1.4 billion people,The middle-income group exceeds 400 million,It is estimated that the cumulative import value of goods in the next 10 years is expected to exceed US$22 trillion.It is the most potential big market in the world.For China,The vast domestic demand market through the “International Public Goods Shared Globally”Has become the world’s market, shared market, and everyone’s market; for global companies and merchants,The blue ocean in the Chinese market means that as long as there are good goods,Don’t worry about no business.

  ——CIIE,Let the world see China take responsibility.Since 2018,Every year, the CIIE is not only a stage for procurement, trading, negotiation, and cooperation.It is also a window to observe the results and trends of China’s opening-up policy measures.From providing anti-epidemic assistance to 150 countries and 7 international organizations,China’s economy is the first to achieve stability and improvement; from the negative list of national foreign investment access from 40 to 33,The number of pilot free trade zones increased from 18 to 21.in the past year,China has fulfilled its commitments with concrete actions.At the 3rd CIIE,China has further proposed powerful measures to further open up, such as “compressing the “China’s Catalogue of Technologies Prohibited and Restricted from Imports””, “continuously expanding openings in the digital economy and the Internet”, and “improving an open and transparent foreign-related legal system”.These ones,Both show the responsibility that a large developing country should have.

  ——CIIE,Let the world firm up its direction.Facing a major change unseen in a century,Facing the risks and challenges brought by major crises,Some people choose to “be jealous”, “swearing” and “punching”,Some people tend to “self-respect, detrimental to others”,There are also people who want to covet temporary gains by disrupting the international order.In this regard,China is soberly aware that all countries are a community with a shared future.No one can survive a major crisis alone.in practice,Only by advancing the common openness of win-win cooperation, shared responsibility, and cooperative governance,In order to create opportunities, solve problems, and start a new game.As the world’s second largest economy and the largest developing country,The positive significance of China’s scientific, rational and pragmatic attitude to the world is self-evident.

  The spring water in the desert is the sweetest,The stars are the most dazzling in the dark night.Chaotic clouds fly across,China has always stood firmly on the right side of history.China believes: the world is good,China can be good; China is good,The world is better.

  (The author is a commentator for this newspaper)

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上海娱乐会所:4 U.S. soldiers killed in bombing attack in Syria

4 U.S. soldiers killed in bombing attack in Syria
Original title: 4 U.S. soldiers killed in bomb attack in Syria

According to a report on the “Daily Express” website on November 8,There was an explosion in Syria that day,4 US soldiers were killed.

U.S. troops stationed in Syria data map

According to the report,A U.S. military vehicle was driving on a highway in Deir al-Zour province in Syria that day.Was suddenly attacked by a roadside bomb,4 soldiers in the vehicle were killed.There is speculation thatThis attack was done by the “Islamic State”,But at present the “Islamic State” has not claimed responsibility.

The US military has entered Syria in the name of combating the “Islamic State” in 2014.In September this year,After a series of skirmishes with the Russian army,The United States has strengthened its military presence in Syria.

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上海娱乐会所:A Chinese couple was robbed at gunpoint in the Free State Province of South Africa. The Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg issued a safety alert

A Chinese couple was robbed at gunpoint in the Free State of South Africa. The Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg issued a safety alert

Johannesburg, October 21 (Wang Lei) According to the news of the Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg on October 20,last weekend,A Chinese couple who runs a supermarket in Botshabelo, Free State Province, encountered a number of gangsters who were robbed at gunpoint and beaten and injured while the door was open for business.Later, he was promptly assisted by volunteers from the Free State Fujian Association, Shi Qinping, and other consular insured volunteers to be sent to the hospital for treatment.Fortunately, no life is in danger.It is understood thatLast month, criminals broke into and stole some cash in the supermarket.But it did not arouse the couple’s vigilance,The police have now intervened,And began to investigate whether the same group of criminals did it.

Since last year,Vicious public security cases involving Chinese citizens have occurred in QwaQwa, Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu in the Free State Province.Caused several unfortunate casualties.After the outbreak of the new crown virus in South Africa this year,The epidemic and security situation in various places including the Free State are both severe.Political corruption trials, economic recession and unemployment triggered a surge in public security cases such as rallies, protest strikes, confrontations between police and civilians on the streets, and armed robberies.Recently,In Senekal, Free State, the trial of the murder of the farmer caused a rise in racial rivalry.Local people with conflicting appeals gathered outside the court for a tense confrontation.Bring serious threats and unstable factors to local security.In Lesotho, which borders the Free State Province, Chinese citizens were kidnapped, killed and killed in attacks.

The Consulate General in Johannesburg once again solemnly reminds overseas Chinese living and working in the Free State,Far away from the motherland and relatives,Health and safety are the top priority,Bloody facts and profound and painful lessons are telling us,Don’t neglect your personal safety because of the petty gains in front of you,Don’t rely on a momentary fluke to have consequences beyond regret.

The national emergency declared by South Africa due to the epidemic has not yet ended.The consular regions of Gauteng and Free State provinces are still at the forefront of the country’s severity of the epidemicI hope that the majority of overseas Chinese will not take it lightly.Do not relax your vigilance because the epidemic has slowed down.As the epidemic becomes normal,We must put our health and life safety first,Overcome the fatigue and war exhaustion of fighting the epidemic and security,Continue to take security measures for business premises,It is recommended that merchants purchase necessary insurance according to their own circumstances,Use cashless payment methods for large transactions as much as possible.Supermarkets and wine shops operating in remote rural areas and black areas should shorten their business hours on weekdays and weekends in a timely manner as appropriate.At the same time pay attention to safety prevention,Keep as far away as possible from political gatherings and demonstrations.Keep calm in the event of robbery and other emergencies,The first principle is to ensure personal safety and give up money and not life,Not conflict with the gangsters,If you can fight back, you need to avoid over-defense,After the incident, report to the police in time and contact the nearest Chinese Embassy in South Africa, the Chinese Police-Civil Cooperation Center or the local overseas Chinese delegation for help.

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