上海养生会所:Can the comminuted fracture be active for a month? Can the comminuted fracture be cured?

Can the comminuted fracture be active for a month? Can the comminuted fracture be cured?
1. Can I move one month after a comminuted fracture?

  ”Food is the heaven for the people”,The same is true for fracture patients.Let fracture patients eat well,It is a very important one in home care.

  Although most fractures have no visceral damage,However, due to trauma or surgery, rest all day, and reduced exercise,The original rules of life were disrupted,May have a bad appetite,It is more obvious within a short period of time after injury.Elderly patients and people with weak physical fitness or poor mental capacity,More likely to happen.On the basis of psychological care,More efforts should be made on the patient’s diet and preparation,Be nutritious,Good color, smell and taste,To stimulate appetite.With inconvenient arm movements,Also feed.Eat more vitamin C-rich vegetables such as tomatoes, amaranth, greens, cabbage, carrots, etc.To promote the growth of fibrous callus and wound healing.

  The bones are unusually hard,It is mainly composed of organic matter and inorganic matter.The most inorganic matter is calcium.99% of the calcium in the human body is concentrated in the bones.After the injury and fracture,People naturally think of letting the wounded eat more calcium,To speed up healing.I don’t know when,Bone soup has become the best tonic for the fractured.but,According to medical experience and experimental research,However, no evidence was found that the fracture victims needed additional calcium supplementation.Local blood circulation disorder at the injured site after fracture,The tissue is acidic,Decalcification can occur at the fractured end.However, the released calcium is not transported or excreted.It dissolves around.After the local traumatic inflammation returns to normal,It is deposited as the main material for repairing fractures.

  According to recent research results,Fracture patients need to supplement trace elements such as zinc, iron and manganese.These elements,Some are involved in the enzymes that make up the body’s metabolic activities,Some are raw materials for the synthesis of collagen and myoglobin.After testing,After the fracture, the serum concentration of the above substances in the patient’s body decreased significantly.therefore,Supplement appropriately in the early stage of fracture,May be beneficial to healing.Animal liver, seafood, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and mushrooms contain more zinc; animal liver, eggs, beans, green leafy vegetables, and wheat flour contain more iron; oatmeal, mustard greens, egg yolks, and cheese contain more manganese.Patients with fractures can eat more appropriately.Otherwise,Drugs containing these substances can also be taken.

  In the early stage of the fracture, due to worry and less movement,Qi stagnation,Unable to push,Often have constipation,It is more common in bedridden patients.It is advisable to eat more vegetables with more fiber,Eat some bananas, honey, etc. to promote bowel movements.

  Fracture patients do not need to “taboo”,There are no special restrictions on diet.But there is one point that needs to be specifically raised,Just don’t smoke.The infamous cigarette is related to many diseases,Including heart disease and cancer,And can damage the healing ability of skin wounds.

Second, what are the contraindications after comminuted fracture

  (1) Avoid blindly supplementing calcium

  Calcium is an important raw material for bones,Some people think that adding more calcium after the fracture can accelerate the healing of the broken bone.But scientific research found thatIncreasing calcium intake does not accelerate the healing of broken bones.And for fracture patients who have been bedridden for a long time,There is also the potential danger of increasing blood calcium,At the same time, there is a decrease in blood phosphorus.This is due to long-term bed rest,On the one hand, it inhibits the absorption and utilization of calcium,On the one hand, it is the result of increased reabsorption of calcium by the renal tubules.and so,For fracture patients,There is no lack of calcium in the body,Just according to the condition and the doctor’s order,Strengthen functional exercise and exercise as soon as possible,It can promote the absorption and utilization of calcium by bone,Speed up the healing of broken bones.Especially for patients who are in bed after a fracture,Blindly supplement calcium,Not helpful,It may also be harmful.

  (2) Avoid eating more meat and bones

  some people think,Eat more fleshy bones after a fracture,Can make fracture healing early.actually not,Modern medicine has been proved by many practices,Fracture patients eat more meat and bones,Not only can’t heal early,It will delay the healing time of the fracture.The reason,Because of the regeneration of bone after injury,Mainly rely on the role of periosteum and bone marrow,The periosteum and bone marrow can only increase the collagen condition,In order to function better,The main ingredients of meat bones are phosphorus and calcium.If a large amount is ingested after a fracture,It will promote the increase of inorganic content in bone,Lead to an imbalance in the proportion of organic matter in bone,and so,It will hinder the early healing of fractures.But the fresh meat and bone soup tastes delicious,It stimulates appetite,It’s okay to eat less.

  (3) Avoid partial eclipse

  Fracture patients,Often accompanied by local edema, congestion, bleeding, muscle tissue damage, etc.The body itself has the ability to resist and repair these,And the body repair tissue,Long bones and muscles,Callus formation,The raw materials for removing blood stasis and reducing swelling rely on various nutrients.It can be seen that nutrition is the key to the smooth healing of fractures.

  (4) Avoid indigestible things

  The movement of fracture patients is restricted due to fixed plaster or splint,Plus the wound is swollen and painful,Mental anxiety,Therefore, appetite is often weakened,Sometimes constipation.and so,Food must be nutritious,It should be easy to digest and laxative,Avoid eating yam, taro, glutinous rice and other foods that are easy to gas or indigestEat more fruits and vegetables.

  (5) Avoid drinking less water

  Patients with fractures in bed,Especially for patients with fractures of the spine, pelvis and lower limbs,The movement is very inconvenient,So drink as little water as possible,To reduce the frequency of urination,So although the frequency of urination is reduced,But even greater troubles also occurred.If the bedridden patient has little activity,Decreased bowel movements,Coupled with the decrease in drinking water,It is easy to cause constipation.Long-term bed rest,Urinary retention,It is also easy to induce urinary stones and urinary tract infections.and so,Patients with fractures in bed can drink water if they want,Don’t worry about it.

  (6) Avoid eating sugar

  After taking a lot of sugar,Will cause a rapid metabolism of glucose,So as to produce metabolic intermediates,Such as pyruvic acid, lactic acid, etc.,Make the body present in an acidic state.At this time,Alkaline calcium, magnesium, sodium plasma,Will immediately be mobilized to participate in the neutralization role,To prevent acidity in the blood.Such a large consumption of calcium,It will not be conducive to the rehabilitation of fracture patients.Simultaneously,Too much sugar will also reduce the vitamin B1 content in the body,This is because vitamin B1 is necessary for the conversion of sugar into energy in the body.Insufficient vitamin B1,Greatly reduce the activity of nerves and muscles,It also affects the recovery of functions.and so,Patients with fractures should avoid taking too much sugar.

  (7) Avoid long-term use of notoginseng tablets

  At the beginning of the fracture,Internal bleeding occurs locally,Blood stasis,Swelling, pain,Taking Sanqi tablets at this time can constrict local blood vessels,Shorten the clotting time,Increase thrombin,Very appropriate.But one week after the fracture was restored,Bleeding has stopped,The damaged tissue starts to repair,And repair must have a large blood supply,If you continue to take Sanqi tablets,The local blood vessels are in a state of contraction,The blood is not running smoothly,It is not good for fracture healing.

  (8) Forbidden to drink sherbet for fractures

  Fractures are different from general skin and flesh injuries.Hard bones take longer to heal,As short as 1 month,The length is more than half a year.Position in the hospital,After fixing,Often need to continue to recuperate and recover at home.Do home care,Promote healing,Especially important.

3. How to effectively treat comminuted fractures

  Comminuted fractures are complete fractures,Finger bone is broken into more than three pieces,Also known as t or y fracture, open fracture refers to the rupture of the skin or mucous membrane at the fracture site.The fractured end communicates with the outside world.A comminuted fracture of the femur can cause a person to become lame.Comminuted fractures are broken bones into several pieces.If you choose plaster to fixThe bones are connected,Slightly misplaced,Will leave sequelae,Besides, plaster cannot fix the bone,Because plaster is soft,It’s just fixed on the original basis,Long on the plaster,Make the joints stiff,Unable to bend,Bring many changes to future life.

  It is recommended to use a splint for external fixation and reduction,Then use wild herbs for external application to quickly connect the bones,Generally it can be connected in 3 days,When the bone is connected, the pain is significantly reduced by about 80%,It can be cured after 15 to 20 days of maintenance.Will not leave sequelae. During treatment,Do not move the affected limb too much,So as not to affect the healing of bones,Avoid taking hormone-containing drugs

  When physical and economic conditions permit, open reduction and internal fixation can be considered.Choose the right time,Limbs can be moved earlier after surgery,Perform functional recovery,The prognosis is good.

Four, what are the complications after comminuted fracture

  1. Shock is mostly traumatic shock,It is caused by severe trauma, hemorrhage caused by fracture, or damage to vital organs.

  2. Infection. Open fractures have the possibility of purulent infection and anaerobic infection.The growth and reproduction of bacteria can be observed in 18~24 hours after infection.There are also slow-growing bacteria that only grow and reproduce after several days or weeks.The speed of bacterial reproduction is also related to factors such as the degree of damage, local tissue vitality and environmental temperature.

  3. Injury of vital internal organs

  1) Lung injury: When rib fractures,The sharp fracture end can puncture the pleura, intercostal blood vessels and lung tissue,Causes closed, open or tension pneumothorax, hemothorax or hemothorax.

  2) Liver and spleen rupture: When the lower chest wall or upper abdomen is damaged by strong violence,In addition to causing rib fractures,Rupture of the liver or spleen may also occur.

  3) Bladder and urethra injuries: pelvic fractures can damage the posterior urethra and bladder.If there is extravasation of urine, it can cause pain and swelling in the lower abdomen and perineum.Violence acts on the ribs and corners of the spine,Although it does not cause fractures,But it is enough to cause kidney contusion,Microscopic hematuria occurs,It is easy to miss the diagnosis,Need attention.

  4) Rectal injury: A fracture of the sacrum may pierce the rectum,And cause pain in the lower abdomen,Fingers may be stained with blood during digital anal examination.

  4. Important vascular injury The proximal fold end of an extended humeral supracondylar fracture may damage the brachial artery.The distal end of the femoral supracondylar fracture may damage the popliteal artery.Fractures of the upper tibia may damage the anterior or posterior tibial artery.

  5. Nerve damage

  1) Spinal cord injury: It mostly occurs when the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine fractures and dislocations occur.Cause spinal cord injury,There may be motor sensory and autonomic dysfunction or loss below the injury level.

  2) Peripheral nerve injury: Fractures of the upper limbs are more common and may damage the radial nerve, median nerve and ulnar nerve.When fibula head and neck fracture,Chief Philharmonic is often simultaneously affected.The sciatic nerve may be injured when the fracture of the posterior edge of the acetabulum is combined with the dislocation of the femoral head.

  6. Fat embolism syndrome

  7. Compartment syndrome

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男士spa会所:Adapt in differences and resonate in harmony (understanding the world in cross-cultural communication (4))

Adapt in differences and resonate in harmony (understanding the world in cross-cultural communication (4))

To study abroad,In a foreign country,How to adapt to the difference,Resonate in the harmony,Every overseas student has his own way of coping.On this,The author interviewed 5 overseas students,Ask them to share stories of cross-cultural exchanges during their study abroad and how to unlock the cultural characteristics of different countries.

Studying in the United States: “You did a good job”

Hongyu Gong, who is about to graduate at the end of this year, is studying media and education at Columbia University in the United States.Unable to return to school because of the epidemic,You can only continue to complete your studies in the form of online courses in China.What caused her headache was jet lag.Daytime classes in New York,Gong Hongyu had to get up at night in Beijing time for class,As a result, the quality of online learning has declined.

Recalling my cultural exchange experience during studying abroad,What impressed Gong Hongyu was the encouraging communication between people.It also made her more confident.She told the author,If a person walks on the road,Someone might say “I like your shoes”.When the teacher has difficulty in expressing English, the teacher cannot speak,Will guess what the student wants to say next,And help students complete the expression.”The teacher’s mantra is mostly’your job is excellent’ and’you did a good job’.Is that no matter what you do,The teacher will always find a feeling of complimenting you.in fact,Many Americans meet in daily life like this,Everyone is happy to praise others.”

In addition,The interaction between strangers anytime and anywhere also impressed Gong Hongyu.She hears greetings like “have a nice day” many times every day on various occasions.I will say it many times.”After adjusting to a period of time,I also became to just say,Just do it.”

But there are also some experiences that make Gong Hongyu feel unhappy.”once,I went to McDonald’s to order food,The female clerk was friendly to the customers in front,Communicate with a smile,When I amThe clerk’s face showed an expression of disgust.I felt very sad at the time,I think the clerk is not very friendly to the Chinese.”Gong Hongyu said,”In fact, the two sides can only actively understand,In order to truly communicate.”

What made Gong Hongyu uncomfortable was going out at night.Going out at night in the country will not worry about safety issues.But abroad,Gong Hongyu said that unless it is necessary,Will not go out at night,Because “still not very safe.”

Studying in France: Different attitudes towards the epidemic

Su Chaoyue studied at the Paris campus of a French business school.Speaking of cultural differences,Su Chao was most impressed by the local people’s attitude towards the new crown pneumonia epidemic.Some of her French classmates think,New coronary pneumonia is not terrible,And only the elderly are at risk if they are infected.”Simultaneously,For some French people who advocate freedom,Even if it is considered risky,Nor can we give up the party.”Su Chaoyue said.

Su Chaoyue still remembers,At the beginning of the outbreak,She needs to go to the classroom every day,At that time, there were not many people wearing masks on the streets of Paris.”I was really worried while attending class,The school was not closed until mid-March this year.Change to online class.”Su Chaoyue said.

Studying in Canada: cultural diversity and mutual tolerance

Yan Jingkun, 24 years old this year, studied in Canada.Although I have graduated,However, I still remember the experience of cross-cultural communication during my study abroad.In her impression,Overall,Canada is an inclusive and friendly country,Whether it is bookstores, shopping venues or art galleries, they all reflect the characteristics of cultural diversity.

During studying abroad,The equal interaction between school administrators and students gave her a deep understanding.once,Yan Jingkun encountered a problem with course selection.But at the time, communication was only possible via email.After the mail is sent,Yan Jingkun never received a reply from the professor.So he reflected the problem to the relevant person in charge of the school,And hope it will be resolved.That day,She received an email from the professor wishing to meet,And he patiently and friendly explained why he did not reply to the email in time,In the follow-up course selection process, she also considered issues from her perspective.

For many international students,Renting a house during the study period is a must.What comforted Yan Jingkun was thatThe security and property management personnel of the house she rented are very responsible.Everyone gets along well.She remembered,The rented area will be tested for range hood alarms and water pipes at intervals; security will also take care of the express delivery of each resident.And it will be delivered as soon as the residents go home,If the express items are large, they will be sent upstairs to the residents.

Studying in Australia: Feel friendly and adapt to the new rhythm

The experience of studying abroad in Singapore and Australia has made Xiuxiu (a pseudonym) deeply aware of cross-cultural exchanges.Those stories still remain in her memory.

While studying in Australia,She studied at Queensland University of Technology,I am studying mechanical engineering.Australia is a country of immigration,High tolerance for cultural diversity.During the 3 years of studying and living in Australia,Most of the people Xiuxiu met were friendly and polite.Only once in Melbourne,A teenager once called Xiuxiu and her friend “Chinaman”.

Xiuxiu said,In Australia,Walking in the street,No matter whether they know each other or not,Will smile or say hello; every passenger will say thank you to the driver when getting off the bus.The driver will also help passengers with mobility impairments to get on and off the bus. All of these make her feel friendly.

What impressed Xiuxiu is also some of the humanization measures in Australia,For example, ordinary employees will not work overtime on Saturdays and Sundays.Some supermarkets will provide children with free fruits.The university is equipped with free counseling teachers,If international students encounter psychological problems,You can also ask for help.

In Xiuxiu’s eyes,Australia is also a rule-conscious country,Sometimes because of a strong sense of rules, work efficiency decreases.such as,There are many procedures for handling bank cards in Australia,It takes a relatively long time; sometimes a large amount of cash is deposited in the bank,The staff will give the handler an envelope,After putting in cash,Then manually count money; rent a house through the network,Have to wait at least one to two weeks,Then someone will come to install.”This kind of rhythm of work,International students need to adapt slowly.To talk about slow pace,I have to mention Australia’s express delivery,It feels more like slow delivery,And you may also encounter unreceived situations.”Xiu Xiu said.

Studying in New Zealand: The locals can speak simple Chinese

Danny, who is studying for a master’s degree in Auckland, has been in New Zealand for nearly two and a half years.In his eyes,Some locals will download WeChat,Can speak simple Chinese,I also eat in Chinese restaurants. “Most New Zealanders are more friendly.The impression of the Chinese is also better.What makes me happy is thatI also made Maori friends.”In Danny’s opinion,This is inseparable from New Zealand’s immigration country and cultural diversity.

But Danny still felt the difference.such as,New Zealanders have a strong sense of rules.Danny noticed,At intersections where traffic lights are installed,Even if there are two identical lanes,But people usually line up in the lane they are walking in,Will not change lanes at will.The same situation also appeared in shopping malls,If you go to the mall to buy something,Customers will not change the queue at will,But wait patiently.

International students said: How to improve understanding and break through barriers to cross-cultural communication directly affects whether the study abroad career can continue smoothly.

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上海养生会所:Adhere to the path of multilateralism (in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era)

Adhere to the path of multilateralism (in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era)

Core reading

Multilateralism embodies the principles of equality, mutual benefit, and openness.It is of great significance for maintaining global development and stability.China not only actively advocates multilateralism,And practice multilateralism with practical actions,Provide Chinese solutions and contribute Chinese wisdom to promote countries to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation and practice multilateralism,It is an important force supporting multilateralism in the world today.

In the series of high-level meetings on the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations,President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech,Looking back on the extraordinary journey the United Nations has gone through,Reaffirming a firm commitment to multilateralism,Emphasize the need to establish a sense of community with a shared future and the concept of win-win cooperation,Clarify China’s proposition of always being a practitioner of multilateralism and sticking to the path of multilateralism.this age,Mankind responds to more severe global threats and challenges,In particular, it is necessary to practice multilateralism of solidarity, cooperation and hand in hand.China has always been an advocate of international cooperation and a supporter and practitioner of multilateralism.President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of multilateralism and multilateral cooperation on many international occasions.Deeply expound the great significance of multilateralism for current global development and stability,Provide Chinese solutions and contribute Chinese wisdom to promote countries to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation and practice multilateralism.

  Multilateralism reflects the correct direction of human history

Multilateralism is closely related to multilateral diplomatic activities.Multilateralism advocates international cooperation between countries,Solve international issues through consultations and handle all kinds of conflicts involving peace and development.Since the 1990s,As the bipolar system collapsed,The world pattern has undergone profound changes and adjustments,The rapid development of multilateralism,International organizations and multilateral mechanisms become more active,Emerging market countries and developing countries have expanded their development space in the process of participating in economic globalization.

Multilateralism embodies the principles of equality, mutual benefit, and openness.Emphasis on resolving differences and adjusting the relationship between parties through dialogue,Determine the content and direction of cooperation through negotiation,To cooperate on the basis of common interests,Strive to accommodate the interests and concerns of all parties to the greatest extent.Multilateralism opposes exclusive and discriminatory relationships.Members participating in multilateral mechanisms or international organizations shall abide by the resolutions formed in accordance with the rules,Through interactive practice,Use multilateral frameworks and mechanisms ranging from global to regional to achieve cooperation goals.

With the deepening of economic globalization,Global and regional issues continue to increase,Multilateralism is not only a cooperative tool,And it has gradually become an important way for multiple parties to participate in global and regional governance.That is to deal with public issues and regional complex issues through consultation and dialogue.Facing the threat and impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on human life and health and economic and social development,Most countries insist on multilateralism,Strengthen unity and cooperation,To fight the epidemic together,Cooperation to promote the recovery of the world economy.The special summit of the G20 leaders and the video conference of the 73rd World Health Assembly were held,All have witnessed the joint efforts of the international community to respond to global threats.

President Xi Jinping pointed out: “This epidemic has inspired us,We live in a global village that is interconnected and shared.” “Economic globalization is an objective reality and historical trend.”Global threats require a strong global response,No country can deal with it alone,It is impossible to be alone.however,At the critical moment when most countries strengthen cooperation and jointly respond to the crisis,Some countries pursue protectionism and unilateralism,Withdraw from some global cooperation mechanisms,Causing economic globalization to encounter a countercurrent,The global industrial chain and supply chain have been hit.Facing the general trend of economic globalization,Pursuing unilateralism and protectionism goes against the law of historical development,Doomed to not work.We cannot artificially separate the ties between countries,Nor can we avoid the challenges brought about by economic globalization.And to insist on multilateralism and democratization of international relations,Unswervingly promote the development of economic globalization in an open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction,Promote the construction of an open world economy.

Adhering to multilateralism is an inevitable choice to adapt to the changes in human production and communication methods.It is an inevitable choice to deal with increasingly severe and complex global threats and maintain the common homeland of mankind.It has become a broad consensus of the international community.No matter now or in the future,Multilateralism occupies an important position and highlights important values in maintaining world peace and development.

  Multilateralism is an effective way to maintain peace and promote development

President Xi Jinping pointed out: “Multilateralism is an effective way to maintain peace and promote development.”To discuss and build a shared global governance concept, build a global partnership network, and build a community with a shared future for mankind. A series of diplomatic concepts and practices with distinctive Chinese characteristics,Are interrelated and complementary to multilateralism,Reflect important idea innovation,Vigorously promote the continuous advancement of the cause of human peaceful development.

Multilateralism meets the needs of the reform of the global governance system.As global challenges increase,Strengthening global governance and promoting the reform of the global governance system have become the general trend.The global governance concept of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits advocates that countries are big or small, rich or poor, strong or weak.Are equal members of the international community,It is necessary to form a consensus on the reform plan of the global governance system through full consultation.President Xi Jinping pointed out: “To promote multilateralism,The core idea is,International affairs should be discussed by everyone,It cannot be decided by one country or a few countries.”China upholds the global governance concept of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.Actively participate in the reform and construction of the global governance system,Multilateralism is the code of conduct that China adheres to in participating in global governance.

Multilateralism and the spirit of building a global partnership network are intertwined.China puts forward an important proposition of building a global partnership network,It is well recognized and welcomed by the international community.President Xi Jinping put forward: “A new way of state-to-state exchanges that takes dialogue without confrontation, and partners without alliances,Don’t play a zero-sum game where you lose and you lose,Do not engage in the power and hegemony of beggar your neighbors and bully the weak,Properly manage conflicts and differences,Work hard to achieve lasting peace”.Based on the idea of dialogue, non-confrontation, partnership and non-alignment, China makes friends.Different forms of partnerships have been established with more than 100 countries.The partnership that China promotes has the distinctive characteristics of seeking peaceful cooperation, adhering to equal treatment, advocating openness and tolerance, and emphasizing win-win and sharing.It is interlinked with the equality, openness, and cooperation emphasized by multilateralism.

Multilateralism is conducive to building a community with a shared future for mankind.President Xi Jinping pointed out: “This world,The degree of interconnection and interdependence between countries has increased unprecedentedly,Human beings live in the same global village,Living in the same time and space where history and reality meet,More and more become a community of destiny with me in you and you in me.”Based on scientific research and judgment of the world’s general trend,President Xi Jinping put forward an important initiative to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.The reason why multilateralism can become the trend of the times,It is closely related to the background of the times when the interests of all countries in the world blend and share a common destiny.The spiritual essence of multilateralism, its realization path and the rich connotations and long-term goals that promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind are interconnected and supported.Multilateralism has been thoroughly implemented in the international community,Conducive to promoting the construction of a community of shared future for mankind.

  China is an important force for maintaining and practicing multilateralism

China not only actively advocates multilateralism,And practice multilateralism with practical actions,It has become an important force supporting multilateralism in the world today.In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic,China is actively carrying out international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic,Firmly support the leadership of the United Nations and the World Health Organization,Actively coordinate the international community’s anti-epidemic cooperation actions,Always practice multilateralism with responsibility.Chairman Xi Jinping’s important statement on multilateralism,It points out the direction for maintaining and practicing multilateralism.

China attaches great importance to playing a constructive role within the framework of multilateral organizations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the G20.Propose a Chinese plan for global and regional governance.The United Nations is the most universal, representative and authoritative intergovernmental international organization in the world today.It is an important platform for practicing multilateralism.China firmly safeguards the international system with the United Nations at its core,Firmly safeguard the international order based on international law,Firmly safeguard the core role of the United Nations in international affairs; support the reform of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the World Health Organization in a direction that is more conducive to promoting multilateralism,Support the enhancement of the authority and effectiveness of the multilateral trading system,Actively participate in the multilateral agenda of global development,Play an important role in dealing with the world economic recession, global climate change, major infectious diseases, terrorism, etc.

In terms of regional cooperation,China continues to explore new cooperation models,Jointly establish the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with Russia and other countries.President Xi Jinping put forward the concept of development, security, cooperation, civilization, and global governance at the 18th meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.Give the “Shanghai Spirit” new connotations of the times,Enriched the concept of multilateral cooperation.China, ASEAN and neighboring countries in East Asia have jointly established a “10+1” and “10+3” cooperation mechanism,Promote the continuous upgrading of the regional free trade system; establish a more pragmatic dialogue platform with African and Latin American countries,Develop the “17+1” cooperation framework with Central and Eastern European countries,It has created conditions for the further promotion and expansion of development and cooperation in different regions.

In a multilateral framework,China especially advocates an open, inclusive and transparent cooperation agenda,Do not engage in closed and exclusive small circles,Instead, more countries are welcome to join and participate.As the host country and chair country of important mechanism summits such as the SCO, the BRICS, the G20, and the AsiaInfo Conference, China,Successfully held many heads of state meetings,Convene the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum, host the leaders’ summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, and convene the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, etc.,Actively carry out multilateral home diplomacy,Gather broad consensus on cooperation,Explore new models and new paths for regional cooperation.In the global fight against the epidemic,China fully demonstrates its firm attitude of supporting the World Health Organization and supporting multilateralism,Call for strengthening multilateral cooperation in response to the epidemic.

The joint construction of the “Belt and Road” is an important platform for practicing multilateralism.President Xi Jinping emphasized: “China has proposed the’Belt and Road’ initiative,It is an important contribution to multilateralism and international cooperation.”The Belt and Road Initiative greatly expands the thinking and space for international cooperation,Become equal participation and advantages of different countries,A cooperation platform to maintain multilateralism and free trade.Build the “Belt and Road” together,By exploring new ideas and new models of win-win cooperation,To achieve common development and common prosperity,It embodies the multilateralism in which everyone’s affairs are negotiated.

The wheels of history are rolling forward,No one can stop it.All countries in the world live together in a global village,This determines the integration of the interests of all countries and the common destiny,Upholding and upholding multilateralism is the correct choice in keeping with the general trend of the world.China will always stand on the right side of history,Unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development,Continue to actively advocate and practice multilateralism,Promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind,Make greater efforts to create a better future for the world.

(The author is the director of the Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

“People’s Daily” (November 05, 2020 09 Edition)

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男士spa会所:70% of mass infections at Oizumi Police Station in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, are now isolated at home

70% of mass infections at Oizumi Police Station in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, are now isolated at home

Tokyo, October 26 (Li Muhang) Japan’s Gunma Prefecture Police announced on the 25th thatA new male police officer in his 50s was diagnosed with the new crown virus in Daquan Police Station.The number of infected people in the police station has accumulated to 10 people.It is reported that,Since mid-October,There have been confirmed cases in the police station,At present, 74 of the 107 staff have taken home isolation measures.Accounted for 70% of the total.

According to Japanese media reports,A male police officer in his 50s at the Daquan Police Station was diagnosed on October 18.One additional person was diagnosed on the 21st and 23rd.On the 24th, 6 people were newly diagnosed.According to the Gunma Prefecture Police,As of the 25th,Another 2 officers of the police station said they were unwell.Currently,A total of 39 police headquarters and other police officers who have entered and exited the Daquan Police Station have taken home quarantine measures.

Gunma Prefecture Police Headquarters.(Photo source: Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” website)

Currently,Among the officers of the Daquan Police Station who are isolated at home,Including the Director and Deputy Director of Oizumi Police Station.In addition to dispatching officers from the police headquarters to the Oizumi Police Station to provide support, the Gunma Prefecture PoliceThe post of Acting Director of the Supervision Section has been appointed.

To prevent the spread of infection,The Oizumi Traffic Safety Association, which is adjacent to the Oizumi Police Station, also stopped handling the counter services such as driver license renewal and registration changes.

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上海娱乐会所:Friendly exchange activities for the 40th anniversary of the friendship between Fuzhou and Nagasaki

Friendly exchange activities for the 40th anniversary of the friendship between Fuzhou City and Nagasaki City
福州市尤猛军市长和长崎市田上富久市长出席活动并互致贺辞The Mayor of Fuzhou Yumeng Army and the Mayor of Nagasaki Tokami Takami attended the event and exchanged congratulatory speeches

News To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the relationship between the two cities,On the morning of October 20,Fuzhou City and Nagasaki City held an exchange event to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the friendship.The mayor of Fuzhou Yumengjun and the mayor of Nagasaki Tokami Takami attended the event and exchanged congratulatory messages.The deputy mayor of Hangdong of Fuzhou presided over the meeting.

The two sides signed a fishery exchange agreement between the two cities,Fuzhou Foreign Language School and Nagasaki Commercial High School, Fuzhou Nineteenth Middle School and Nagasaki Mie Middle School signed an agreement on friendship school relations.Delegates interacted deeply,Sincerely communicate,Speak freely.

You Mengjun said,In this special period,Through the special method of “Meeting in the Cloud”,To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the friendship between Fuzhou City and Nagasaki City,Talk about friendship,Seek common development,It makes sense.For 40 years,The two sides have frequent personnel exchanges,Economic and trade cooperation continues to deepen,Exchanges in various aspects such as cultural education, sports events, theatrical performances, and Huangbo culture are getting closer and closer.In many fields such as tap water technology and aquatic products,Fruitful cooperation results have been achieved.During this year’s new crown pneumonia epidemic, we gave each other supplies and watched and helped each other,It reflects the close relationship between the two cities and their brotherhood,It demonstrates the profound friendship between the people of the two cities.Nagasaki City has advanced concepts in the fields of urban planning and space utilization.The advantages of shipbuilding, seafood processing, tourism and other industries are outstanding,It is highly complementary to Fuzhou’s urban construction and industrial development,The space for cooperation between the two parties is very broad.

You Mengjun said,40 years of friendship,40 years of joint efforts,40 years of gratifying results are shining,Should be cherished.I hope that the two cities can take the “40th anniversary of the relationship” as an opportunity,Seize opportunities and expand cooperation,Carry forward and inherit traditional friendship together,Compose a brilliant chapter of friendly exchanges between the two cities.

Tomihisa Tanakami said,This video exchange meeting is the first online exchange event held between Nagasaki City and sister cities.Adopt a new form of video conferencing,Not only changed the previous form of communication,It also reflects the development of friendly relations between the two cities.For 40 years,The exchanges and cooperation between the two cities in various fields have achieved fruitful results.Especially in the field of aquatic products and tap water,The two sides not only exchanged study tours,Learn and communicate with each other,Promote technological upgrading,It also enhances mutual trust.This time a friendship school was established,Broaden the exchanges and cooperation between the two cities in the field of education,It will enable more young people of the two cities to experience and continue the friendly exchanges between the two cities.Significance.

Tomihisa Tanakami said,I sincerely hope that the friendship between the two cities will continue to deepen,Looking forward to visiting Fuzhou after the epidemic is over,Experience Fuzhou Metro,Feel the new development of Fuzhou,In-depth exchanges with friends from all walks of life in Fuzhou,Collide sparks of innovation and cooperation.

Fuzhou and Nagasaki, Japan formally established a sister city relationship on October 20, 1980.Is the first international sister city of Fuzhou,It is also the first pair of sister cities in Fujian Province.Since the establishment of the two cities,High-level mutual visits and frequent personnel exchanges,Economic and trade exchanges and cooperation have developed steadily,Significant achievements in technical exchanges,Cultural, educational and sports exchanges are fruitful.


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上海养生会所:Britain raises new crown alert level in London and other regions

Britain raises new crown alert level in London and other regions

London, October 15 (Reporter Zhang Jiawei and Jin Jing) The British government announced on the 15th thatAfter evaluating the situation of the new crown epidemic,Decided to raise the new crown alert level in London and other areas from “medium” to “high”,These areas will also adopt more stringent prevention and control measures accordingly.

Except for London,This alert level adjustment also involves many regions in England.Including Essex County, Northeast Derbyshire, etc.The level adjustment will take effect from the early morning of the 17th.The British government announced a three-level new crown alert system for England on the 12th.Divided into “medium”, “high” and “very high” three levels,Each level corresponds to a different severity of the epidemic and corresponding response measures.

According to reports,After the alert level is raised,The social activities of local residents will be further restricted,Whether at home or in public places,The public is not allowed to have any indoor gatherings with family members or people outside the so-called “mutual aid family”; the number of outdoor gatherings cannot exceed 6 people; the public should minimize unnecessary travel as much as possible.

The British government stated thatThe effects of these measures will be evaluated every 14 days,To decide how to adjust the next step.According to data released by the British government on the 15th,There were 18,980 new confirmed cases of new crown in the UK that day,A total of 673,622 cases have been diagnosed.

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