上海养生会所:An unusual event (Wanghailou)

An unusual event (Wanghailou)

  ”Historically,No matter what risks, disasters, or countercurrents are encountered,Human society always has to advance,And it must be able to move on.”At the opening ceremony of the Third China International Import Expo,President Xi Jinping’s words,It touched many people.

  This is an extraordinary event,This is a far-reaching event.The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought severe impact to countries around the world.The original exchanges in various fields such as economy, trade, technology, and humanities were hindered.Simultaneously,Economic globalization has encountered “headwinds” and “backwinds”,Protectionism and unilateralism are rampant,International trade and investment shrank sharply,The world economy is facing many complex challenges.special period,The third CIIE is very valuable to be held as scheduled.

  ——CIIE,Let the world share the Chinese market.Blueberries in Chile, coffee in East Timor, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Japan, electric excavators in Sweden, beauty and skin care equipment in France. this year,The exhibition area of the CIIE has expanded by nearly 30,000 square meters.High-quality products from all over the world gather in “Clover”,Fight for Chinese consumers.China has 1.4 billion people,The middle-income group exceeds 400 million,It is estimated that the cumulative import value of goods in the next 10 years is expected to exceed US$22 trillion.It is the most potential big market in the world.For China,The vast domestic demand market, through the “International Public Goods Shared Globally”,Has become the world’s market, shared market, and everyone’s market; for global companies and merchants,The blue ocean in the Chinese market means that as long as there are good goods,Don’t worry about no business.

  ——CIIE,Let the world see China take responsibility.Since 2018,Every year, the CIIE is not only a stage for procurement, trading, negotiation, and cooperation.It is also a window to observe the results and trends of China’s opening-up policy measures.From providing anti-epidemic assistance to 150 countries and 7 international organizations,China’s economy is the first to achieve stability and improvement; from the negative list of national foreign investment access from 40 to 33,The number of pilot free trade zones increased from 18 to 21.in the past year,China has fulfilled its commitments with concrete actions.At the 3rd CIIE,China has further proposed powerful measures to further open up, such as “compressing the “China’s Catalogue of Technologies Prohibited and Restricted from Imports””, “continuously expanding openings in the digital economy and the Internet”, and “improving an open and transparent foreign-related legal system”.These ones,Both show the responsibility that a large developing country should have.

  ——CIIE,Let the world firm up its direction.Facing a major change unseen in a century,Facing the risks and challenges brought by major crises,Some people choose to “be jealous”, “swearing” and “punching”,Some people tend to “self-respect, detrimental to others”,There are also people who want to covet temporary gains by disrupting the international order.In this regard,China is soberly aware that all countries are a community with a shared future.No one can survive a major crisis alone.in practice,Only by advancing the common openness of win-win cooperation, shared responsibility, and cooperative governance,In order to create opportunities, solve problems, and start a new game.As the world’s second largest economy and the largest developing country,The positive significance of China’s scientific, rational and pragmatic attitude to the world is self-evident.

  The spring water in the desert is the sweetest,The stars are the most dazzling in the dark night.Chaotic clouds fly across,China has always stood firmly on the right side of history.China believes: the world is good,China can be good; China is good,The world is better.

  (The author is a commentator for this newspaper)

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上海水疗会所:A Vietnamese man was arrested for unlicensed mutilation of pigs at his home in Japan or in connection with a pig stealing case

A Vietnamese man was arrested for unlicensed mutilation of pigs at his home in Japan or in connection with a pig stealing case

Tokyo, November 2 According to a report on the “Yomiuri Shimbun” website,The police of Saitama Prefecture in Japan announced on the 1st thatA 29-year-old Vietnamese man dismembered a whole pig in an unlicensed place.Was arrested again for violating the livestock farm law.This person has previously been prosecuted for violating the immigration control refugee law.

Previously,The theft of livestock occurred one after another in North Kanto and other areas,Gunma prefectural police started investigating groups of Vietnamese,The Saitama prefectural police believed that the man might also be involved in the case and began an investigation.

It is reported that,The man negotiated with his companion to decide between July and August,In the absence of a meat processing plant license issued by the county government,Dismember a whole pig in the bathroom of the house and prepare mature food.Currently,He has admitted that he “used a kitchen knife to dismember a whole pig.”

According to the Saitama Prefecture Police,There is a video of handling the whole pig on the man’s phone,The man said: “The whole pig was bought through social software for 15,000 yen (approximately RMB 957).”He also sent a video of handling whole pigs on social software in mid-August.(Compiler: Xu Wenjin Reviewer: Chen Jianjun)

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上海娱乐会所:83 people died after being vaccinated against influenza. Korea Health Agency reiterated that there was no direct connection

83 people died after being vaccinated against influenza. Korean health agency reiterated that there is no direct connection

The Korean Agency for Disease Control said on October 31,A total of 83 people died after being vaccinated with influenza,Most are elderly people over 70 years old.The Department of Disease Management reiterated,No deaths were found directly related to vaccination,People are urged to be vaccinated as soon as possible before the flu season.

The Department of Disease Management said,Of the 83 deaths discovered so far,72 cases have a “very limited association” with vaccination,The remaining 11 cases are under investigation.Of the 83 dead,37 people aged 70 to 79 years old,34 people over 80 years old,4 people from 60 to 69 years old,8 people are under 60 years old.

The South Korean government intends to vaccinate 19 million people for free.Including teenagers and the elderly.As of the end of October,More than 11.5 million Koreans completed the vaccination,The vaccination rate is 60.9%.

South Korean people worry about whether it is safe to get the flu vaccine.In particular, some vaccines have been exposed to room temperature during the distribution process.But the South Korean government agency said,Those flu vaccines have no safety hazards.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on October 26,The government will expand the range of people receiving free flu vaccines,The public does not need to “excessively worry” about the safety of the vaccine.

The Korean flu season generally comes from the end of November to December.Considering that the human body generally produces antibodies two weeks after being vaccinated with influenza,Experts recommend vaccination before mid-November.(Liu Xiuling)[Micro Feature]

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男士spa会所:All Nippon Airways: To control operating costs in the future, resources will be concentrated at Haneda Airport

All Nippon Airways: To control operating costs in the future, resources will be concentrated at Haneda Airport

Tokyo, October 22. According to the Japan Jiji News Agency,Japan’s All Nippon Airways announced on the 21st,For international routes that have been significantly reduced by the impact of the new crown epidemic,After the market demand resumes,Resources will be prioritized on the routes to and from Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

Currently,In addition to Haneda Airport,ANA will also open international routes at major hub airports in Narita, Chubu and Kansai.All Nippon Airways intends to concentrate its resources on Haneda Airport,In order to achieve the purpose of controlling flight operating costs.

Currently,All Nippon Airways has 75 international routes,But as of the 15th of this month,There are only 14 airlines still flying under the epidemic,Mainly concentrated in the two major airports of Haneda and Narita,There are zero international routes to and from the Kansai and Chubu airports.Simultaneously,Even the international routes that are still flying have significantly reduced the number of flights.Reduced 87% of the flight schedule in October.(Compilation: Liu Ge, proofreading: Chen Jianjun)

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上海水疗会所:4,105 newly confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Indonesia exceed 360,000 in total

4,105 newly confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Indonesia exceed 360,000 in total

Jakarta, October 18 (Reporter Xu Wei) The latest data released on the official website of the Indonesian government’s new crown pneumonia epidemic on October 18 shows thatThe cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Indonesia has risen to 361,867.4105 new cases were added.Currently,285,324 patients were cured,There are also 12,511 deaths.In the past 24 hours,3,732 new patients were cured,The number of deaths increased by 80.

That day,The province with the largest number of new confirmed cases in Indonesia isJakarta with an increase of 971 cases,This is followed by East Kalimantan with 382 cases.As of October 18,The Indonesian epidemic has 64,032 active cases,Currently receiving relevant treatment or medical isolation.

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上海养生会所:Add to suspend export of drone technology   Turkey expresses dissatisfaction

Add to suspend export of drone technology   Turkey expresses dissatisfaction

The Turkish Presidential Palace said on the evening of the 16th,The Canadian government has suspended exports of several drone technologies to Turkey,Turkey believes that this approach violates the alliance spirit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Reuters reported on the 17th,Canada suspended exports of several drone technologies to Turkey earlier this month.The reason is that the Azerbaijani army may use related technology to attack the Armenian army in the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh (Naka) area.The Canadian side is investigating this.

An arms control group in Canada discovered thatThe airstrike video released by Azerbaijan showed thatThe imaging and sighting system equipped with the UAV is manufactured by a Canadian company.

Turkey is a traditional ally of Azerbaijan,He has repeatedly supported Azerbaijan on the Naka conflict.

Canada and Turkey are both NATO members.The Presidential Palace of Turkey said in a statement,Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan talked about the cooperation in the defense of Turkey in a phone call with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”calling,Erdogan said that Canada suspends export of military supplies to Turkey due to the Naka conflict. violates the spirit of the alliance.”

Azerbaijan and Armenia broke out in a new round of conflict in the Naka region on September 27.Both sides accused the other of violating the previous ceasefire agreement,Take the lead in launching a military offensive.More than ten days later,Through external mediation,The two parties agreed to cease fire in the Naka region,The new agreement will take effect from 12:00 local time on October 10th.After the ceasefire took effect, the two sides continued to accuse each other of breaking the ceasefire and launching attacks.

The Naka region is located in the southwest of Azerbaijan.The residents are mostly Armenians.After the collapse of the Soviet Union,War broke out in Azerbaijan and Armenia over the ownership of the Naka region.The two sides reached an agreement on a comprehensive ceasefire in 1994,But because of the issue of Naka’s belonging has been in a hostile stateArmed conflicts occur from time to time.(Dujuan)[Micro Feature]

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男士spa会所:Brazil’s economy stopped falling and rebounded (foreign economic observation)

Brazil’s economy stopped falling and rebounded (foreign economic observation)

  Open the column

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic has had an impact on the economies of all countries in the world.Many countries have introduced relief measures,Efforts to push the economic and social order back on track.From now on,This newspaper launched the “Foreign Economic Observation” series of reports,Introduce the policies and measures taken by relevant countries to restore the economy.


  Brazil’s Minister of Economy, Geddes recently stated thatThe worst of the Brazilian economy has passed.Currently showing a V-shaped recovery.Thanks to the economic stimulus measures implemented by the government and the accelerated resumption of work and production by enterprises,The Brazilian economy began to show signs of recovery from the second quarter.

  The latest data shows thatJune,Brazil’s service industry grew 5% month-on-month,This is the first positive growth this year.The industrial output value increased by 8.9%,For the second month in a row, it showed an upward trend.July,Brazil’s employment data shows positive growth,For the first time in March.In the latest issue of the “Focus Survey” recently released by the Central Bank of Brazil,Raise this year’s economic growth forecast to minus 5.28%,The annual economic forecast is raised for the ninth consecutive week.

  In terms of financial markets,The Bovespa Index, the main stock index of S?o Paulo, Brazil, has risen by nearly 60% from its lowest point since the epidemic at the end of March.Industry analysts believe thatOptimism is based on the slow recovery of the economy,As the economic situation stabilizes,Investor confidence has gradually increased.

  It is worth noting thatIn the first half of this year, Brazil’s imports and exports fell by 5.2% and 6.4%,But Brazil’s exports to China increased by 14.9%,It accounts for 35% of its total exports.The Brazilian Ministry of Economy estimates thatBrazil’s trade surplus this year will reach 55.4 billion U.S. dollars.An increase of 15.2%.In all export sectors,Agriculture has become a highlight.Driven by Chinese demand,Brazilian agricultural exports have grown against the trend.According to data from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture,first half of this year,The total export volume of Brazilian agricultural products reached 516.300 million US dollars,Year-on-year increase 9.7%,Among them, the export value of agricultural products to China increased by 30% year-on-year.It accounts for 40% of its total exports.

  According to data from the Brazilian Geographical Statistics Agency,In the first half of this year, Brazil’s GDP fell by 5.9%,Among them, the industrial and service industries declined by 6.5% and 5.9%.Brazil is also under pressure to attract foreign investment.In the first half of the year, investors withdrew US$31.3 billion from the Brazilian financial market.Foreign direct investment hit a record low since 2015.

  In response to the challenge of the epidemic,Especially to boost consumption,The Brazilian government has introduced a series of relief measures,The investment amounted to 750 billion reais (1 US dollar is approximately 5.6 reais),It aims to subsidize low-income groups, increase corporate credit, and increase the liquidity of the financial system.To help low-income groups maintain their livelihoods,The Brazilian government launched an emergency subsidy program in March,Provide a monthly subsidy of 600 reals for the unemployed and informal employees.To avoid mass layoffs,The Brazilian government issued a decree,Allow companies to cut employee working hours and wages,The employment contract can be suspended for 6 months.In addition,The government also provides relief loans to SMEs,Used to pay employees’ wages,Reduce unemployment while avoiding corporate bankruptcy.

  According to local media analysis,As the government further promotes the resumption of work and production,Economic indicators are expected to rebound further in the second half of the year.but,The current stimulus policies adopted by the Brazilian government are limited.The pace of economic recovery depends on employment and domestic demand expansion.It also depends on the situation of epidemic prevention and control.Brazilian economist Ribeiro expressed concern about the country’s rising public debt.Believing that the Brazilian economy still faces many uncertainties,Or it will return to pre-epidemic levels in 2022.

  (Report from Rio de Janeiro, October 19th)

  ”People’s Daily” (16th edition on October 20, 2020)

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