Ferrero: ‘Samp not Juve sacrifical lambs’ | Football Italia

  Sampdoria President Massimo Ferrero warns they are ‘not sacrificial lambs’ to hand Juventus the Scudetto this evening. ‘We want to win.’

  It kicks off at 20.45 UK time (19.45 GMT), click here for a match preview.

  The Bianconeri will be mathematically crowned Champions of Italy if they get three points this evening, having already fumbled that opportunity with a 2-1 defeat to Udinese on Thursday.

  “We are not sacrificial lambs for anyone, nor are we already on our summer vacation,” Ferrero told Libero newspaper.

  “I wish to make that clear to anyone who considers the three points guaranteed for Juventus. Nothing could be further from the truth! We want to continue the run of victories we had in recent weeks.

  “We are going to Turin to play our game and we want to win. It’s one thing to beat a team around the relegation zone and quite another to defeat the champions of Italy.

  “Beating a side like Juve on their own turf, that would really be special and Samp making a statement.”