Orsolini: ‘Miha should have told me in private’ | Football Italia

  Bologna forward Riccardo Orsolini struggled to explain the Rossoblu’s poor form and revealed he confronted coach Sinisa Mihajlovic. ‘I didn’t like certain things he said about me’.

  The Rossoblu have only picked up one win in their seven last games and Orsolini admitted that the players ‘don’t know what happened’.

  “We ask ourselves; we also gave ourselves some explanations but they’re not enough,” Orsolini told Il Corriere dello Sport. “We felt the drop physically, but in the end, we don’t know what happened.”

  But the 23-year-old revealed that Mihajlovic has left them in silence to ‘reflect’ on the performances in recent weeks.

  “He didn’t speak to us; he didn’t give us any lessons. It was more of a deafening silence than harsh words.

  “The silence makes you reflect and the more you think, the worse you feel.”

  But the coach has always had a special rapport with Orsolini and publicly said he ‘expects more’ from the Italy international.

  “We have a frank relationship,” Orsolini added. “We often talk, and I didn’t like certain things he said about me at the press conference.

  “I didn’t like it when he said I have to wake up, but I didn’t hide from him. It would have been better if he told me in private.

  “He said it to shake me.”