Ancelotti: ‘Everton for the long haul’ | Football Italia

  Carlo Ancelotti confirms ‘I’d like to have a very long experience’ at Everton, where he is planning ‘an evolution, not a revolution’.

  Ancelotti has not lasted more than two years in any of his six jobs since his tenure at Milan ended in 2009, but he is hoping to buck that trend at Everton.

  “I feel part of this project, which started for me in December, and I hope it lasts for a long time,” the 61-year-old told Sky Sport Italia.

  “I’ve never had very long experiences in my career, but I’d like to have one here: Liverpool took five years to get to the top.

  “Everton want to build a new stadium and have the ambition of fighting for a place in Europe.

  “I’d like to be part of this project for a long time. Being appreciated gives me a lot of pleasure and motivation, but at the same time it also gives you a lot of responsibility.

  “You’re appreciated for what you’ve done, but you’d also like to be appreciated for what you’re going to do.

  “That’s my objective. Doing it for those who appreciate you is much more stimulating.”

  The former Napoli boss is coming to the end of his first half-season in charge of the Toffees, lifting them to safety amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

  “The balance sheet is a positive one, considering it’s been a very strange season.

  “I came here during the Christmas period with the team in trouble and then there was the pandemic.

  “One of the most positive aspects is the great welcome that the fans reserved for me, plus I have to say that I found a very organised club, with beautiful structures and a fabulous training ground.”

  Finally, Carletto was asked about Everton’s plans in the upcoming transfer window.

  “The club’s ambition is to improve and we’ll focus on the transfer window once the season finishes.

  “It’ll last until 5 October, so there will be plenty of time to improve the team. I’m not thinking of a revolution but maybe an evolution.”