上海水疗会所:Ministry of National Defense: Hope that the United States and the United States will correctly view and handle the relations between the two countries and the two militaries

Ministry of National Defense: Hope that the United States and the United States will correctly view and handle the relations between the two countries and the two militaries

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, September 24 (Reporter Huang Zijuan) Tan Kefei, deputy director of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense and spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, said at a regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense on the 24th,Greece and the United States face reality squarely,Correctly view and handle the relations between the two countries and the armed forces.

A reporter asked,Recently,US Secretary of Defense Esper has repeatedly made negative statements about China and the military in public.Esper said,After World War II,The United States has led the world to establish a rules-based international order,China and Russia are challenging this order.Do you have any comments on this?

Tan Kefei said,Regarding the false accusations and groundless speculations made by the US,China expresses its firm opposition.China firmly defends the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,Firmly safeguard the international system with the United Nations as the core and the international order based on international law,Conduct exchanges and cooperation with countries around the world in accordance with the basic norms of international relations,Always an advocate and practitioner of international fairness and justice.

Tan Kefei said,Looking back at the US,For some time insisted on promoting unilateralism, protectionism and power politics,Constantly evading international responsibilities,Has withdrawn or announced its withdrawal from many international organizations such as UNESCO, the United Nations Human Rights Council, the World Health Organization, climate change, the Paris Agreement, the Comprehensive Agreement on the Iranian Nuclear Issue, the Intermediate-Range-Range Treaty, the Open Skies Treaty, and many othersInternational treaties,So far, more than 2 billion U.S. dollars in arrears in United Nations dues and peacekeeping assessments have been paid.Become a violator of international rules and a disruptor of international order.Compare the two,Right and wrong,The international community has its own opinions.

Tan Kefei said,The historical pace of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation is unstoppable.Sino-U.S. cooperation will benefit both, and struggle will hurt both.Cooperation is the only correct choice for both parties.I hope the U.S. will face reality squarely,Correctly view and handle the relations between the Chinese and American armed forces.China is committed to developing a relationship with the US that is non-conflict, non-confrontational, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation.At the same time, it firmly safeguards national sovereignty, security, and development interests.

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上海养生会所:Ministry of Defense: Starting today,The Eastern Theater District organizes actual combat drills near the Taiwan Strait

Ministry of Defense: Starting today,The Eastern Theater District organizes actual combat drills near the Taiwan Strait

The spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense Ren Guoqiangqiang (photo by Xu Xiang)

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, September 18th (Chen Yu) This morning,At the press conference of the White Paper “Chinese Army Participating in UN Peacekeeping Operations for 30 Years” issued by the State Council Information Office,In response to a reporter’s question on the frequent interaction between the United States and Taiwan, the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense Ren Guoqiang said,The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has firm will, full confidence, and sufficient capabilities,Thwart all external interference and separatist acts of “Taiwan independence”,Resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ren Guoqiang said,The Eastern Theater of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army began today to organize actual combat drills near the Taiwan Strait.This is a legitimate and necessary action taken in response to the current situation across the Taiwan Strait and safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.Taiwan is a sacred and inalienable part of Chinese territory,The Taiwan issue is purely China’s internal affairs.No outside interference is allowed.Recently,The U.S. and the DPP authorities stepped up their ties,Frequent incidents,Whether it is Taiwan’s control of China or foreigners,All wishful thinking,Destined to be a dead end,If you play with fire, you must burn yourself.

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上海养生会所:Military self-study exams will be held in the second half of 2020

Military self-study exams will be held in the second half of 2020
Original title: Military self-study exams held in the second half of 2020

The reporter learned from the relevant department of the Military Commission Training Management Department,The military self-study exams in the second half of 2020 were recently held in 290 prefecture-level and above cities across the country.3.More than 50,000 candidates took the exam,Cumulative 12.30,000 lessons.

As an important part of military vocational education,The military self-study examination is the main form of continuing education for military personnel.It plays an important role in improving the scientific and cultural quality of military officers and soldiers and their ability to perform their duties.Adjust the reformed military self-study examination management system and operation mode,Recognized by the majority of officers and soldiers.In the past year,More than 10,000 candidates in the army have obtained undergraduate and junior college diplomas.

Candidates for military self-study exams are relatively scattered, with a wide range of majors, and different learning schedules.In order to facilitate the management of the army, colleges and test centers according to their responsibilitiesThis year, the whole army will uniformly organize the distribution of information system management authority,Customized push test status data information to troops, colleges and test centers,Promote the deep integration of teaching, examination and management on the basis of security and confidentiality,Use data fusion to promote the overall improvement of management efficiency.

To facilitate self-study of the officers and soldiers on duty,Relevant departments actively carry out student assistance services.Give full play to the supporting role of information technology,Optimize and upgrade the content of the business website layout,Dynamically release course syllabus, teaching assistant information, examination information and epidemic prevention requirements,Open a column to answer questions online.The military vocational education service platform has launched 118 military training courses with military characteristics, introduced 120 military and local general courses, and released 221 course exam questions over the years.Diversified services for candidates to study and prepare.

In the context of normalization of epidemic prevention and control,Competent departments at all levels coordinate the examination and epidemic prevention guidance,Implement the examination service standard requirements in terms of venues and personnel,Epidemic prevention and control and service guarantees are being advanced simultaneously.Adhere to the national education examination standards,Each examination room is equipped with high-definition video surveillance, mobile phone signal jammers and metal detectors.44 test centers use test service support terminal equipment,Strengthen the management of key links such as candidate identification, test paper circulation, and examination room information recording.

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男士spa会所:Military Medical Expert Group: Be brave as a scientific and technological war epidemic commando

Military Medical Expert Group: Be brave as a scientific and technological war “epidemic” commando

Group photo of a group of military medical experts fighting in Wuhan 

January 2020,A sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic swept the country,The “pause button” was pressed in Wuhan, a thoroughfare of nine provinces.

This is a major public health emergency,It is also an unprecedented test.

Orders like a mountain,Charge forward.January 26,A team of military medical experts led by Chen Wei, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a researcher at the Academy of Military Medicine, was ordered to leave Wuhan.

In 113 days,All members of the expert group race against time, fight against illness, and compete with death,The first batch went out and the last batch was evacuated.

they,Not afraid of disease test samples,Reluctant to debug equipment day and night,Set up a benchmark for “scientific research fist”,The “Scientific Research Iron Army” brand was launched.

they,Implement the new military science spirit of “loyalty, research and warfare, innovation, truth-seeking, and sentiment” to the forefront of epidemic prevention and control.

they,Launch a series of major achievements with the best design, fastest speed and shortest time,Repay the commander’s trust and respond to people’s expectations with practical actions,Handed in an excellent answer to the “epidemic” of the science and technology war,Contributed military power to win the “Hubei Defense War and Wuhan Defense War”.

On March 16th, the expert group held a ceremony to join the party in the line of fire,Chen Wei takes the oath  Photo by Shao Longfei


To Wuhan,Go to the front line of epidemic prevention and control,Go where the party and the people need it most!

January 25,The first day of the Chinese New Year.

at night,The phone of Zhang Xiaopeng, an associate researcher at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences rang–

“We are going to Wuhan to support,Can you hurry back?”

“no problem,Leave now!”

After receiving a call from Academician Chen Wei,Zhang Xiaopeng hurriedly bid farewell to his relatives.Half past one in the morning,He drove out of Shangqiu, Henan with his wife and daughter,Towards Beijing

at this time,After receiving the notice, Huang Yong, an assistant researcher who spent the New Year in his hometown in Sichuan,Immediately booked a ticket to Beijing that morning;

After the assistant researcher Chi Xiangyang, who had not returned to his hometown in Jilin for the New Year for ten years, accepted the task,Immediately cancelled the reserved ticket,Ask your lover to take care of the 3-year-old child;

Researchers Cao Cheng, Jiang Tao,Return to the laboratory for the first time to pack the box,Sort out more than 40 boxes of various equipment and reagents,It ensures that scientific research can be started as soon as possible after going out to the mission area.

In order to strengthen the front-line defense and control forces in Wuhan,Experts in the field of military medical research of the Academy of Military Sciences,Was ordered to form a military medical expert group,Responsible for emergency detection and scientific research on the Wuhan epidemic.

Academician Chen Wei served as the team leader,Researcher Cao Wuchun served as the deputy team leader.

This team of experts,They are the backbone forces engaged in pathogen research, vaccine research and development, and medical equipment research and development for a long time.From the SARS outbreak,To human infection with H7N9 avian influenza, and then to the 2014 West African Ebola pandemic,These years of tenacious battle with pathogens, these scientific research soldiers who have experienced many battles are once again in danger.

On the evening of January 26,The first group of 13 comrades boarded the plane,Head to Wuhan.

The epidemic is military situation,Prevention and control is responsibility.”Retrograde” is not a choice,It’s mission.

Researchers deployed equipment overnight at Huoshenshan Hospital.  Shao Longfei  Photo

Save people!Save people!

Do whatever is needed for epidemic prevention and control,Nucleic acid testing and antibody screening race against time!

After arriving in Wuhan,How to complete the missions and tasks assigned by superiors with high standards and quickly launch prevention and control is the most urgent and realistic issue facing the expert group.

at this time,The epidemic in Wuhan is on the rise,The city’s need for virus nucleic acid testing is very urgent.

The expert group held a party meeting overnight,The guiding ideology of “full chain design, integrated research, short-term and long-term consideration” was set,Clearly focus on vaccine research as the main focus,Testing traceability, expert guidance, sample collection, results verification, aerosol testing and other work were carried out simultaneously.

Prepare for the worst,Come up with the most adequate plan,Prepare to fight for the longest term!

Under the command of Academician Chen Wei,In just 24 hours,A negative pressure tent type mobile laboratory,It was built next to the pharmacy building of the General Hospital of the Central War Zone on the hillside.

The expert group built a fully automated nucleic acid extraction platform,Using self-developed kits,And the method of fully automatic nucleic acid extraction,The single-day specimen detection capacity can reach more than 1,000 samples.

Jiang Tao, leader of the nucleic acid detection group, said,At the beginning of the epidemic,Whether it is the detection speed,Or the proportion of tasks,Such responses are among the best in Wuhan.

In order to effectively detect the new coronavirus infection,In the first half of February,Associate researcher Zhang Xiaopeng of the expert group and his comrades began to build a fully automated antibody detection platform based on chemiluminescence.The platform can simultaneously detect the four antibodies of IgM and IgG of the N and S proteins of the new coronavirus.Improve the accuracy of patient clinical diagnosis.

Co-infection of new coronary pneumonia and other respiratory diseases,It is another major challenge facing clinical diagnosis and treatment.

to this end,The expert team has established a multiple pathogen detection platform,It can detect 16-22 kinds of respiratory pathogens such as influenza virus and Mycoplasma pneumonia at the same time,Effectively answered “Is it a new coronavirus infection?if not,What is the pathogenic infection” and other urgent clinical needs.

There were two critically ill patients,The hospital uses a variety of treatment options,The effect is not satisfactory.

After receiving the hospital’s demand,The expert group collected various body fluid samples of patients for comprehensive testing.The results show that,One of the patients is new coronary pneumonia combined with influenza B,Another patient had mycoplasma infection in his specimen.These tests have guided the clinical implementation of more targeted treatments.

“The expert group and related military and local units such as the Central Theater General Hospital,The working mechanism of joint defense, joint control, joint governance, and joint research was quickly established.Said Zhang Ke, an associate researcher in charge of scientific research management and task coordination of the expert group.In order to accelerate the progress of scientific research,The expert team set up a testing room in the infectious disease area of the hospital,Zero distance from clinical treatment,Real-time evaluation of treatment effects.

March 8,Academician Chen Wei checked the nucleic acid test data in the laboratory. Photo by Zhang Zhenwei


Rush up at critical moments, and overcome the crisis,Is the real communist

Prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia,It is very important to understand the law of transmission of the virus and its pathogenic mechanism.

In early February this year,The Wuhan epidemic has reached its peak.Whether the virus is spread through aerosols,Become a general concern.

Researcher Cao Cheng from the expert group led the team to Jinyintan Hospital for a full range of aerosol sampling.From office work area to material storage area,From the garbage disposal area to the inspection department,Even the ICU ward that treats critically ill patients,They were left everywhere.

In the ICU ward,The expert team members risked being infected,Next to the patient’s tracheal intubation operation,Collect air samples at zero distance.By collecting air samples from different environments in the hospital,Comprehensively assess the risk of infection within the hospital,Draw epidemiological survey results,Provide a scientific basis for clinical medical work.

Researchers Cao Wuchun and Cao Cheng, who are over fifty years old, have also led a team to go to Vulcan Mountain Hospital, Taikang Tongji Hospital and various cabin doctors to carry out multi-point and all-round aerosol propagation sampling investigations.It takes more than 6 hours to go in once.

once,Cao Wuchun was lying next to the public toilet of the Fangcai Hospital to sample the surface wipes.When the sampling is over,He took off his protective clothing and put on a military uniform,The nurses in the shelter hospital exclaimed: “Look, everyone,The sample just now is a general!”

“As an old party member,What’s the matter if it’s dirty or tired?”Cao Wuchun’s answer moved many people.

Sinking to the front line of research,Provide insights.The expert team actively participates in various epidemic research and judgments,Has submitted more than 20 significant research reports,Many suggestions have been adopted and applied.

Where is the most nervous,Where is the most dangerous,Wherever there are numerous members of the expert group fighting.

Pathological research is the most basic, most direct and effective way to uncover the truth about new infectious diseases.However, in the early days of the establishment of Vulcan Mountain Hospital,Since there is no existing necropsy room,Pathology research work was once in trouble.

Researcher Qi Jiancheng of the expert group led a team to take the initiative,Creatively put forward the overall plan of using surgical shelter to transform pathological shelter.

They made military orders,In just 5 days,Complete the emergency transformation of the existing conventional surgical shelter.

“Dare to watch,But I have to watch it.”Zhang Zongxing, an engineer who was ordered to the Huoshenshan Hospital, had guaranteed 3 consecutive pathological autopsies for at most one day.He is wearing a three-level protective suit,Worked for more than 11 hours without eating or drinking,The moment he took off his protective clothing,The person is almost collapsed.

The day of order,Forget about home!At the moment,Forget about his dear!When drumming,Forget about it!

Fighting on the front line of the epidemic,There are also three female doctors, Chi Xiangyang, Zhang Mengyao, and Dong Yunzhu-they both participated in the nucleic acid test,Participated in research on vaccines and antibodies.

In more than 100 days in Wuhan,They are used to such overwork,I am used to finding a place to “squint” in a nearby meeting room,Get used to “just touch the bed”,Used to getting acne, dark circles, hair loss on the face.

Because I often miss meals,The masters in the cafeteria are also used to serving them individually in bowls of noodles.once,While waiting for the noodles for a few minutes,Zhang Mengyao was so tired that she fell asleep at the dinner table.

Associate researcher Dong Yunzhu and her husband received a marriage certificate in early 2018.For reasons such as going to Africa to perform medical rescue missions,The wedding date has been postponed twice.She originally planned to hold the wedding in April this year,It had to be postponed for the third time.

Recombinant new crown vaccine (adenovirus vector) approved for clinical trials  Shao Longfei  Photo

Academician Chen Wei and vaccine clinical trial volunteers together  Zhang Zhenwei  Photo


Step on the accelerator to the end,All the way forward,Because “In addition to victory,No choice”

March 2,President Xi pointed out when inspecting the Academy of Military Medicine of the Academy of Military Sciences:Give full play to the role of the commando and the main force,Develop safe and effective vaccines, drugs, and testing reagents as soon as possible,Fully meet the needs of fighting the epidemic.

“vaccine,Must first be independently developed by China!”Academician Chen Wei kept in mind the leader’s request,Words are full of confidence.

In late January,The team immediately launched the in-depth bioinformatics analysis and vaccine design of adenovirus vector vaccines.And quickly received special emergency support from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In Wuhan,Academician Chen Wei is responsible for vaccine research and development,The rear is led by researcher Hou Lihua,Joint local units to coordinate research.

Aim at the target,”Throttle” stepped on to the end,All the way forward.

History will remember this series of flashing moments-

February 26,Vaccine GLP safety evaluation, animal effectiveness evaluation and national third-party quality review were officially launched,Experiments show thatThe vaccine process is stable,The quality meets the expected standard,Good immunogenicity.

March 16,The vaccine passed the clinical research registration review,And completed the first immunization at 20:18 on the same day,Become the world’s first new coronavirus vaccine to conduct clinical trials.

April 10,108 volunteers who completed the Phase I clinical trial of the vaccine,All end concentrated medical observation,Good health.

April 12,The vaccine started phase II clinical trials.This was the only new coronavirus vaccine in the world that entered Phase II clinical trials at that time.

May 22,Phase I clinical results were published in the internationally renowned medical journal “The Lancet”,All 108 volunteers developed an immune response.This is the human clinical data of the world’s first new crown vaccine,It is a milestone in the fight against the new coronavirus.

June 22,The team of Academician Chen Wei discovered the first highly effective neutralizing monoclonal antibody targeting the N-terminal domain of the spike protein.This is after successfully developing the world’s first new crown vaccine,Another major scientific research progress of the team.

July 20,The team of Academician Chen Wei released the Phase II clinical data for the first time to the world.Once again proved the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine,

August 11,The new crown vaccine developed by the team of Academician Chen Wei has obtained the national invention patent.

“We have independent intellectual property rights for this vaccine,It means that we don’t need to look at the faces of others to develop our vaccines at any time and on any occasion.When the subsequent vaccine is put into production and application,We can also let the Chinese people at a lower price when they need it,Get vaccinated the first time.”Chen Wei’s words are sonorous and powerful.

Behind the world’s leading vaccine research and development,Condensed a lot of hard work and dedication of the academician Chen Wei team.

In the later stage of Wuhan’s fight against the epidemic,one day,When Academician Chen Wei went to get a haircut,The barber said distressedly: “Academician,Why do you have so much white hair!”

The academician who had never been gray-haired before discovered thatIn just three months,I gave birth to many gray hairs,People also lost a lot of weight.But she said: “I’ve lost my head for the people of Wuhan,I am willing!”

now,The members of the expert group after returning to the establishment have all returned to their jobs.

Academician Chen Wei and his comrades have already started a new round of “battle”: to accelerate the advancement of the Phase III international multi-center clinical trial of the new crown vaccine,Step up the development of monoclonal antibody drugs specifically for the treatment of new coronavirus infections and new biological drugs to improve the degree of pulmonary fibrosis in patients with new coronary pneumonia,Innovative research and development of new biological protective equipment.

If a person’s career choice can be combined with the country’s major needs,Personal value will be multiplied.This is a saying often said by Academician Chen Wei, winner of the national honorary title of “People’s Hero”.

Inspired and led by Academician Chen Wei,All members of the military medical expert group amplify their value time and time again-

because,In terms of the country, the people, and even mankind,In addition to victory,No choice! (Huang Zijuan, Zhuang Yingna, Wang Di, Wang Jingyi)

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上海娱乐会所:Medal of the Hundred Regiments

Medal of the Hundred Regiments

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War.The Propaganda Office of the Political Work Department of the People’s Daily Online and the Academy of Military Political Work,The Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution launched a column “Decoding: The History of War of Resistance Behind Cultural Relics”,Invite 10 experts from the PLA Party History and Military History Research Center of the Academy of Military Political Work of the Academy of Military Sciences,From the perspective of cultural relics,Extending the interpretation of classic battle cases, heroes and war spirits in the Anti-Japanese War.

[Introduction of this issue-Medal of the Hundred Regiments Battle]

This is a 45mm wide,75 mm long rectangular medal,It is rough in production but it represents the lofty honor in the years of the War of Resistance against Japan,Behind it is the loyalty of the Eighth Route Army soldiers.This medal belongs to Li Shaowu, a deputy company commander of the Eighth Route Army, who has made outstanding achievements in the battle of the Hundred Regiments.This honour is the greatest commendation for his bravery fighting in the rain of bullets.Carefully examine this simple medal,As if I could still feel the smoke on the battlefield that year,Although years have dyed paper yellow,But it has more weight because of the story behind it.

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上海水疗会所:Luo Wei: Four measures to prevent and control the epidemic Chinese overseas peacekeepers are in a healthy state

Luo Wei: Four measures to prevent and control the epidemic Chinese overseas peacekeepers are in a healthy state

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, September 18th (Reporter Huang Zijuan) This morning,At the press conference of the White Paper “Chinese Army Participating in UN Peacekeeping Operations for 30 Years” issued by the State Council Information Office,Major General Luo Wei, Director of the Peacekeeping Affairs Center of the Ministry of National Defense, was answering a reporter’s question on “What impact will the new crown epidemic have on China’s UN peacekeeping operations?””” said,At present, Chinese overseas peacekeepers are in a healthy state.Four main measures are taken to prevent and control the epidemic.

Luo Wei said,After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia,Chairman Xi Jinping and the leaders of the Central Military Commission attach great importance to the epidemic prevention and control of military personnel performing overseas missions.In terms of epidemic prevention and control,We have mainly adopted the following four measures:

One is to establish an epidemic response mechanism.We maintain close communication with the United Nations and peacekeeping missions,Established an emergency response mechanism for epidemic reporting of overseas peacekeeping forces,Keep track of the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the health of personnel in the country and mission area.

The second is to strictly strengthen personnel control.We strengthen the self-protection awareness and ability of overseas peacekeeping forces,Strictly do personal protection,Organize epidemic prevention and control drills; strictly review personnel entering and leaving the camp,Set up the Yingmen body temperature detection point,Take your body temperature at the entrance and exit of the camp,It also uses a dedicated place to receive foreigners,Strictly control all kinds of gathering activities.

The third is to actively do a good job of raising materials and medical treatment.According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control and fulfillment of tasks,Raise supplementary masks, protective clothing, disinfectant and other materials and related drugs; standardize the consultation process during the epidemicDo a good job in self-protection of medical staff,At the same time, telemedicine support has been strengthened.

The fourth is to make strict preparations before dispatch and quarantine after returning home.Before dispatch,Strictly implement the 15-day centralized isolation medical observation requirements,Strengthen professional training on epidemic prevention and control,Equipped with personal protective equipment and necessary epidemic prevention equipment,Perform nucleic acid testing for all employees,Disinfect and protect materials transported by sea and air.After all the peacekeepers returned to China,All organize quarantine in strict accordance with the requirements.At present, all Chinese overseas peacekeepers are in a healthy state.

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上海男子养生会所:Luo Wei: China’s standby peacekeeping force can become a reliable professional force for UN peacekeeping operations

Luo Wei: China’s standby peacekeeping force can become a reliable professional force for UN peacekeeping operations

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, September 18th (Chen Yu) This morning,At the press conference of the White Paper “Chinese Army Participating in UN Peacekeeping Operations for 30 Years” issued by the State Council Information Office,Major General Luo Wei, director of the Peacekeeping Affairs Center of the Ministry of National Defense, said in response to a reporter’s question,The Chinese standby peacekeeping force can respond to the needs of the United Nations at any time,Become a well-equipped, well-trained and disciplined professional force that can be trusted by the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Luo Wei introduced,President Xi Jinping attended the UN peacekeeping summit in 2015,Made a solemn commitment to establish a peacekeeping standby force of 8,000 people,The Chinese government and military resolutely implemented the decision and deployment of Chairman Jinping,High-standard planning and implementation.”On the basis of an in-depth summary of the Chinese military’s experience in participating in UN peacekeeping operations,Strengthen communication and docking with the United Nations,Scientifically plan the types and numbers of Chinese peacekeeping standby forces,What kind of troops are needed for the United Nations peacekeeping operations,We will focus on what kind of standby force we will build.”

In September 2017,The 8,000-strong peacekeeping standby force of the Chinese military has 28 units of 10 types of professional forces that have completed registration with the United Nations.And in accordance with the requirements and conditions of the UN standby force,Launch targeted training.October 2018,After the United Nations inspection and evaluation,Thirteen peacekeeping standby units were promoted to second-level standby units.After that,Six more peacekeeping stand-by teams have been promoted from second-level standby to third-level.

Luo Wei said,The Chinese standby peacekeeping force is confident that it can respond to the needs of the United Nations at any time.Become a well-equipped, well-trained and disciplined professional force that can be trusted by the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

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上海娱乐会所:Britain and Japan sign trade agreement for the first big order after Brexit

Britain and Japan sign trade agreement for the first “big order” after Brexit

  The governments of Japan and the United Kingdom signed a bilateral free trade agreement on the 23rd.This is the first trade agreement between the UK and a major economy since it left the European Union.If approved by both legislatures,The agreement will take effect on January 1 next year,Britain has ended the “transition period” of Brexit by then,No longer subject to EU trade rules.

  Progress in negotiations between Britain and many countries is slow

  Only smooth progress with Japan

  Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Toshimitsu Motegi and British Minister of International Trade Elizabeth Truss signed the “UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement” in Tokyo, Japan.

  This is the first major trade agreement reached by the UK since “Brexit” at the end of January this year.The British side was very encouraged.The United Kingdom also negotiated post-Brexit trade agreements with major trading partners such as the European Union, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.But progress is slow,Only the negotiations with Japan proceeded smoothly.The two countries started negotiations in June,Agreement on most areas was reached in August,On September 11, it was announced through a video conference that an agreement was reached in principle.

  Both parties call it a “milestone” agreement,Help promote free trade and bilateral relations.The British government also regarded it as a pavement for it to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP).The original version of this agreement is the “Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement” (TPP),Covering 12 countries in North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region.U.S. President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from TPP after taking office.After Japan persuaded the United States to change its position, it was hopeless,Actively promote the rest of the parties to re-sign the “11-country TPP”,Namely CPTPP.

  Truth said,”The agreement provides a gateway for British companies to enter the Asia-Pacific region.and also pave the way for (UK) to join the (11-country version) TPP.”Motegi said,Japan welcomes Britain to join the 11-country version of TPP,”And will continue to provide necessary support.”

  Most of the terms of the UK-Japan Free Trade Agreement

  Refer to the existing free trade agreement between Japan and the EU

  According to Kyodo News,The provisions of the UK-Japan Free Trade Agreement mostly refer to the existing free trade agreements between Japan and the European Union.

  According to the terms of the agreement,Britain will gradually reduce import tariffs on Japanese cars,Until 2026 to achieve zero tariffs,Consistent with the terms of the existing Japan-EU trade agreementThe UK will also immediately abolish import tariffs on Japanese train cars and auto parts.Japan promised to maintain the same level of tariffs imposed on British agricultural products in accordance with the existing Japan-Europe agreement.

  In the field of e-commerce and financial services,The Japan-UK agreement covers a wider area than the rules set by the Japan-EU agreement.This includes prohibiting the governments of both sides from requiring companies to disclose algorithms used in artificial intelligence technology and encrypted data.The British government said earlier,The Japan-UK agreement can make 99% duty-free products exported to Japan; from a longer-term perspective,Compared with 2018,The agreement is estimated to increase the total trade volume between Britain and Japan by approximately 15.2 billion pounds (approximately 132.8 billion yuan).The agreement still needs to be reviewed and approved by the British Parliament and the Japanese Parliament to take effect.

  Japanese companies worry about the UK and the EU

  Unable to reach a trade agreement before the end of the year

  During the 11-month transition period ending December 31 this year,Britain still needs to comply with the European Single Market and Customs Union rules.Although the Japanese business community welcomes the Anglo-Japanese agreement,But also worried that the UK and the EU will not be able to reach a trade agreement before the end of the year.In that way, the European business of Japanese companies is unavoidable.Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi also hopes that Britain and Europe will reach a trade agreement as soon as possible.He said,Many Japanese companies have expanded their business in the UK,Think of the latter as “the gateway to the European continent”,Therefore, “After Britain leaves the European Union,Maintaining the supply chain (normal operation) between the UK and the EU is extremely important.”according to

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上海水疗会所:Armenia and Azerbaijan will implement a new round of humanitarian ceasefire in Naka region

Armenia and Azerbaijan will implement a new round of humanitarian ceasefire in Naka region

Washington, October 25 (Reporter Liu Pinran and Sun Ding) The United States, Armenia and Azerbaijan issued a joint statement on the 25th, saying,Armenia and Azerbaijan’s new round of ceasefire in the Nagorno-Karabakh (Naka) region will take effect from 8 am local time on the 26th.

The three-nation joint statement issued by the U.S. State Department said thatU.S. Deputy Secretary of State Biegun held talks with visiting Armenian Foreign Minister Mnatsakanyan and Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Bairamov on the 24th.The foreign ministers of Asia and Afghanistan reaffirmed their commitment to implement and abide by the ceasefire agreement reached earlier this month.A new round of humanitarian ceasefire will take effect from 8 am local time on the 26th.

According to reports,Representatives of the co-chairs of the Minsk Group of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe will meet with the foreign ministers of Asia and Afghanistan in Geneva, Switzerland on the 29th.Discuss various measures to peacefully resolve the Naqqa issue.

A new round of conflict broke out in Armenia and Azerbaijan on September 27 over the Naka issue.October 10,The foreign ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia issued a statement in Moscow saying,The two countries reached a ceasefire agreement in the Naka region,Agreed to cease fire in the Naka area starting at 12:00 local time on the 10th.October 17,The two countries announced that they have reached an agreement to implement a humanitarian ceasefire in the Naka region.Agreed to implement a humanitarian ceasefire from 0:00 local time on the 18th.After these two ceasefire agreements come into effect,Both sides accused the other of violating the agreement to launch an attack.

The Naka region is located in the southwest of Azerbaijan.The residents are mostly Armenians.After the collapse of the Soviet Union,War broke out in Azerbaijan and Armenia over the ownership of the Naka region.1994,The two sides reached an agreement on a comprehensive ceasefire,But the two countries have been in a state of hostility due to the Naqqa issue.Armed conflicts occur from time to time.

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