男士spa会所:Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: The cumulative number of new crown deaths in the United States may be close to 240,000 by early November

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: The cumulative number of new crown deaths in the United States may be close to 240,000 by early November

Washington, October 15 (Reporter Tan Jingjing) The latest forecast data released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the 15th shows thatUntil November 7,The cumulative number of new crown deaths in the United States may reach 22.90,000 to 240,000 cases.

The forecast shows thatThe week from November 1st to 7th,There may be 3,400 to 7,100 new deaths from new crowns in the United States.

recently,The number of newly confirmed cases in the United States continues to increase in a single day.The data updated on the US CDC website on the 15th showed thatOn October 14th, the United States reported 59,761 new confirmed cases of new crown.The number of new cases in a single day was a new high since August 7.In the last week,The average daily increase in confirmed cases in the United States exceeds 50,000.The average number of deaths per day is about 700.

Statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States show thatAs of the evening of the 15th Eastern Time,The cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeds 7.97 million,The cumulative number of deaths exceeds 21.70,000 cases.

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上海娱乐会所:Brazilian scholar: China is winning on the road to poverty alleviation

Brazilian scholar: China is winning on the road to poverty alleviation

Extreme poverty is undoubtedly one of the oldest, most troubling, and painful problems in human history.The targeted poverty alleviation policy formulated and implemented by Chinese President Xi Jinping is one of China’s greatest achievements in history.It is also a great contribution to the people. In addition to benefiting the Chinese people,It also inspired people all over the world.In addition,China has set an example: as long as there is determination to face great challenges,And fully mobilize human and material resources,Any feat can be achieved.

Although China has 1.4 billion people,However, we still tried every means to complete the two most important tasks in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations ten years ahead of schedule.It better interprets China’s achievements.Among the 17 goals proposed by the United Nations,Eliminating poverty and hunger are precisely the first two goals.

The reform and opening policy that began in the late 1970s opened a new chapter in Chinese history.In the past four decades of economic development,More than 800 million Chinese people have been lifted out of poverty.In order to have a better understanding of this number,Just remember one thing: the total population of the 12 countries in South America is just over 400 million.

The 18th CPC National Congress emphasized that common prosperity is the fundamental principle of socialism with Chinese characteristics.October 2017,The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made poverty eradication one of the top priorities.

Actually,Since Xi Jinping assumed office as China’s supreme leader in November 2012,Solving the problem of poverty to achieve common prosperity has become one of the top tasks.Even the most important task.Therefore,He has personally participated in both theoretical and practical levels.year 2013,When President Xi Jinping visited Hunan,Put forward the concept of “precise poverty alleviation”,This is a response to a real challenge.He pointed out thatNo matter how developed and rich the country is,If there is no specific and targeted effort to solve this problem,Poor areas often continue to exist.He also said,Traditional aid and subsidies alone are not enough.In other words,To really successfully solve the poverty problem,It is also necessary to innovate in understanding and response methods.If the poverty problem is not resolved, the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way cannot be successfully achieved by 2020.This goal is a basic part of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation proposed by Xi Jinping.

The concept of “precise poverty alleviation” put forward by Xi Jinping is very innovative.This concept also emphasizes,We need to accurately and deeply understand the internal and specific realities of poverty,And determine the precise monitoring of beneficiaries, resource use, project design, the implementation of measures for poor families, the person in charge of management and the results of poverty alleviation.In other words,There is a detailed road map in this concept,Explain how to succeed in poverty eradication; poor families can take advantage of the help and opportunities provided by the government,Get a more prosperous life with your own strength.

In September 2007,I left Brazil and came to Xi’an, China,So far, he has been working and living in China for 13 years.these years,I have witnessed the changes in China with my own eyes.I have traveled to almost all administrative regions in China,Visited big cities and small villages.In the few years I first arrived in China,Infrastructure is still the focus of development in this country.In remote rural areas,People seem to be far from the well-being of this development.

July 2019,After more than 6 years,I came again to the area where I lived in the first few years of my arrival in China.The changes that have taken place here are truly amazing.People who were almost isolated from the world are now connected to each other through advanced transportation, service and communication networks.Agricultural development is obvious,Some economic activities that hardly existed before,Such as rural tourism and cross-regional trade,It is very common now.of course,These changes are partly attributed to targeted poverty alleviation policies,This policy has actively changed the face of various communities,Increased income for local residents that was unimaginable in the past.

I lived in Zhejiang for five years,I often go to the countryside to pick fruits with my wife,Feel the nature better,Enjoy the unique local atmosphere.Online shopping is common throughout China,Various foods can be purchased directly from small farmers.I share a story: After staying in China for a long time,I found that in Guangxi, you can find one of the favorite foods of Brazilian breakfasts-cassava.For most Brazilians,This is a common food,Mainly grows in the north and northeast of Brazil-my birthplace.This discovery rekindled my emotional memory,It also makes my life better.It also made me realize thatChinese people,No matter where you live,Are more and more closely connected with the world,And began to benefit more and more from the benefits of national development.therefore,Although there are still many difficulties,But the growing prosperity everywhere is obvious,From children to the elderly,People’s living standards have been improved.

Since ancient times,Chinese civilization has made great contributions to all mankind.In addition to the four great inventions of papermaking, gunpowder, printing and the compass,Also created feats spanning centuries through products such as tea, silk and porcelain.Inspired the imagination of different nations.The Great Wall, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Dujiangyan Irrigation System are all listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.These are all great projects built by the Chinese people for defense and internal development.In addition,Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, Zhuangzi and many other thinkers who continue to influence the modern world,The profound philosophical heritage left by them is the indisputable proof that the strength of Chinese civilization and the people have overcome difficulties.Nowadays,This can be seen from the great achievements in poverty eradication.

this year,Although affected by many factors such as the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the southern floods, and the severe international political situation,China remains confident.The People’s Republic of China has been established for more than 70 years,The Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China are victorious on the road to poverty alleviation. (Translated by Li Jinqing)

(The author is a PhD in Political Science from the University of S?o Paulo, Brazil,Currently working at Zhejiang International Studies University)

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Drinkwater reunion with Ranieri at Samp? | Football Italia

  Troubled Chelsea midfielder Danny Drinkwater could reunite with his old Leicester City coach Claudio Ranieri at Sampdoria.

  According to Il Secolo XIX newspaper, an intermediary contacted Samp to propose Drinkwater as a transfer option.

  The 30-year-old shot to fame with Ranieri’s fairy-tale Leicester side, moving to Chelsea for €38m in 2017.

  He has since been loaned to Burnley and Aston Villa, but his career has been railroaded by off the field problems, including a drink-driving charge, a nightclub brawl and head-butting then-Villa teammate Jota.

  “I’ve got loads more to give. I’m open to going abroad, even though it will be difficult with my son,” Drinkwater told The Telegraph newspaper.

  “I need an anchor and I need to sort out one side of my life, so if I can sort my football out, even if it is abroad, then that will help in the long term.

  “It probably all comes down to patience and trust with me. I need to change for it to work, otherwise I’ll be stuck


in this vicious circle.

  “If I can trust people who are good at their job and be patient then I can only see me building my career back up now. I can’t see me staying in this situation. No chance.”

  Sampdoria are starting their first full season under Ranieri, who took over from sacked Eusebio Di Francesco seven games into last term.

  He managed to steer them out of the relegation zone and into mid-table safety.

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Spezia insist on Djidji | Football Italia

  Sky Sport Italia claims Spezia won’t give up on Torino defender Koffi Djidji and are hoping to reach an agreement in the next few days.

  The 27-year-old Ivorian could be on his way to Spezia this summer, as Sky Sport Italia journalist Gianluca Di


Marzio reveals sporting director Mauro Meluso already tried to bring the centre-back to Lecce last summer.

  Newly promoted Spezia are looking to further reinforce their defence ahead of 2020-21, after having brought in Cristian Dell’Orco on loan from Sassuolo and 29-year-old goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet from PSV Eindhoven.

  Djidji, who arrived on loan from FC Nantes in August 2018, signed a permanent deal with the Granata in July 2019 and is tied to Torino until June 2023.

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Napoli won’t miss Everton’s Allan | Football Italia

  It would have been strange to suggest that Napoli wouldn’t miss Allan if the Brazilian left the Partenopei at the same time as Jorginho in 2018, but times change. One of Maurizio Sarri’s most important players at the club until that summer, the former Udinese man often embodied a warrior-like box to box role in the heart of the midfield. His job was to protect Jorginho and make up for his occasional defensive lapses. He had to recycle possession quickly and often get involved in play as well.

  After Sarri departed for Stamford Bridge and Carlo Ancelotti took over at the Stadio San Paolo, things changed for Allan. Don Carlo did start with Sarri’s 4-3-3 in the beginning of the 2018-19


season, slowly transitioned to a 4-4-2 as the campaign progressed. As a result of this, Allan’s role constantly changed in the heart of the park. He often played in a double pivot beside a more attacking player in Piotr Zielinski or Fabian Ruiz in a system that hardly saw Napoli dominate as much possession as they did under Sarri.

  Even at Udinese and then under Sarri, Allan was more used to venturing forwarding quite a few times in games. His chance creation was higher and he was seen as one of the best box to box midfielders in Serie A. Playing a lot deeper under Ancelotti was a different experience and while he did enjoy a good 2018-19 campaign, things changed even more last season.

  Ancelotti’s 4-4-2 shape lacked a proper holding midfielder and teams could play through the Partenopei with little effort. When Allan struggled in the defensive midfield role, Ancelotti tried Zielinski and even Fabian Ruiz there and that didn’t quite work out too well either. Napoli were constantly getting over-run on the counter-attack and despite screams from fans to turn to the old 4-3-3, Ancelotti never really fancied that. The recruitment wasn’t done for a 4-4-2 and it showed, as Allan endured struggles on and off the pitch.

  For the first time in many years, constant fitness issues cropped up. His game time in Serie A halved and fatigue became a main issue. There were constant knee issues that left him on the bench more than he’d have liked. In a sense, it was perhaps Allan’s worst season in a Napoli shirt – due to the fitness issues and the failure to perform that came as a result.

  Ancelotti’s exit brought Gennaro Gattuso to Naples and while expectations were low, Rino gave a structure to the Napoli midfield with the signing of Diego Demme from RB Leipzig. He went back to the 4-3-3 with the only difference being the pragmatism in his approach. Stanislav Lobotka arrived as a box to box option as well and donned the role of rotating with Zielinski. Fabian, as a result, became their regular advanced midfield option.

  While Allan did start in the first five games under Rino, he was largely unimpressive in a run of one win in five. Again, the fitness issues struck. The Brazilian could start only two league games after that, as he fell down the pecking order. The way the campaign panned out hardly makes it a surprise that Napoli got rid of Allan. A case can be made of the fact that they should have moved him on in January 2019 when Paris Saint-Germain were offering upwards of €50m.

  They could have got a higher fee and that might have helped them bring in a replacement much earlier. Roma’s Jordan Veretout continues to be linked with a move to the San Paolo and while it remains to be seen if the Frenchman can make another move after joining from Fiorentina, the last few months suggest Napoli will not miss Allan at all.

  This is why his move to Everton makes sense largely because of Ancelotti’s presence at Goodison Park. He does add structure to the midfield, and despite struggling last season, he did win an average of over three tackles per 90 minutes. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s past his prime and if Everton had scoured through the market, they might have found cheaper alternatives.

  As we’ve seen many times in the past though, Don Carlo knows how to get the most out of certain players. It will be interesting to see how this pans out with Allan, but one can’t help but feel it’s a situation where Napoli and the player will always think about what might’ve been if he’d gone to PSG.

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Sassuolo present new Puma kits | Football Italia

  Sassuolo have unveiled their new Puma-designed home and away kits for the 2020-21 season.

  The traditional green and black stripes are thinner than before, while the sleeve is partially black with a green trim.

  As for the away shirt, that will be white with a green stripe across the chest and the same green trim on the end of the sleeve.

  Both will use the Centenary edition


of the club logo, marking 100 years since Sassuolo’s foundation.

  Image: @USSassuolo

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Napoli frustrated by Sporting cancellation | Football Italia

  Napoli’s pre-season friendly with Sporting CP was cancelled due to three COVID cases in the Portuguese side, after they’d already flown to Lisbon.

  The game was meant to be played on Sunday evening,


but was scrapped with just hours to spare.

  According to Tuttosport, the news of the cancellation and the three positive cases within the Sporting squad didn’t reach the Napoli team until they’d already landed at the airport in Lisbon.

  Coach Gennaro Gattuso was said to be very irritated at the wasted journey and missing the chance for what would’ve been the biggest pre-season test.

  The Partenopei have so far faced Castel di Sangro, L’Aquila, Serie C side Teramo and Serie B team Pescara.

  Napoli’s Serie A season begins against Parma on Sunday.

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Better the Devil you know | Football Italia

  Every time a new campaign begins, we end up saying the same old clichés about starting from scratch, turning points, the pressure is on this coach or that player. We go into 2020-21 after a practically non-existent pre-season, with the transfer window still open for several weeks and teams in a constant state of flux.

  When there’s no time to prepare, practice or check for the flaws in a strategy, that’s when relying on what you know becomes truly valuable. Casting an eye over the 2020-21 Serie A Season Preview, we see the importance of picking up exactly where you left off. The teams who maintained their basic structure and continue the work done by the coaches in the final months of the last campaign will have a significant advantage over the others, at least in the early rounds. That means Lazio, Milan, Atalanta and Inter have the opportunity to get points on the board and surge away from other potential top four candidates who are taking the tougher path.

  For the second year running, Juventus are scrapping a Scudetto-winning project to bring in a new coach with a completely different mindset to his predecessor. Andrea Pirlo has more in common with Maurizio Sarri than the ex-Napoli boss ever did with Max Allegri, but we already saw the difficulty these Bianconeri stars have in adapting their movements. They are like old dogs who resist new tricks, not because they are incapable of learning them, but because it is difficult to convince someone who won nine Serie A titles in a row that they need to change.

  Hiring Pirlo had precious little to do with his tactical acumen, which remains entirely unknown to fans, players and President alike. It was a gesture to get the spoilt champions on board, give them someone they will automatically respect and listen to due to his playing career. The problem is that any new coach will take time to get his movements drilled into the minds of the players, even more so a tactician who has never worked as a boss before and has a shorter pre-season than most to get it all done.

  It’d be worth checking the live betting for odds on Sampdoria getting at least a point from the Allianz Stadium in the opening game. Even rougher for the Bianconeri will be the next few rounds, against Roma, Napoli, newly-promoted Crotone and Ivan Juric’s surprise outfit Hellas Verona. That’s a rough start to any season, let alone one with so much uncertainty within the reigning champions.

  Of course, we said all this last year too, that it would take Juve a long time to get to grips with Sarri’s tactics. Ultimately, they never managed it at all, but got through by the skin of their teeth thanks to the old-school Old Lady approach: grit, determination, grinding out results. They won the Scudetto by default, as the chasing pack were so busy tripping up over their own feet that they never got close enough to take the leaders down.

  So, tip Juventus to get off to a difficult start. Inter have an extra week to prepare for their debut against Fiorentina, having ended their campaign late in the Europa League Final, and are relatively unchanged. Napoli transformed their attack and it remains to be seen if Kalidou Koulibaly will still be there once the Serie A fixtures kick off. Atalanta generally start seasons slow under Gian Piero Gasperini anyway, so don’t be surprised if they struggle a little in the opening weeks while they get that diesel motor of a team up and running to full speed.

  Lazio have a very different problem. This is a team that is practically unchanged since last season, which is good for a strong start to the campaign. They’ll need that when beginning against Atalanta, Cagliari and Inter. The problem is they’ve still got the same issues as last term, with


the added bonus of Champions League football that will deplete their resources quicker than the Europa League group stage ever did. There can be no resting of half the squad on a Thursday evening, no writing off the tournament as even less important than the Coppa Italia. Simone Inzaghi needs reinforcements, he was promised them, and so far they have not arrived. Mohamed Fares is an excellent buy, as he already knows the system and his old SPAL teammate Manuel Lazzari, but the others just aren’t up to scratch for a side in three major tournaments.

  Milan did not change, they added, and that could finally push them into the top four. The early fixtures also look promising, Bologna, Crotone, Spezia, until Inter and Roma come along with the big tests. Another side that evolved rather than revolutionised is Sassuolo, and under Roberto De Zerbi, they truly can be a force this season. A relatively easy run of early fixtures can put them on the map and boost confidence.

  I worry for Torino, Cagliari and Parma, sides under new coaches with extremely specific tactics that are not easy to grasp. We saw how badly Marco Giampaolo and Eusebio Di Francesco did last term adapting to new environments, while Fabio Liverani’s approach could not be more different to predecessor Roberto D’Aversa. It’s going to be a rough opening few rounds for clubs unaccustomed to being in the danger zone.

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Rodriguez suffers thigh injury | Football Italia

  Coach Marco Giampaolo sweats over Ricardo Rodriguez’ fitness one week ahead of Torino’s opening match against Fiorentina.

  The full-back, who arrived from Giampaolo’s former club Milan ahead of 2020-21, has suffered a thigh injury during training.

  Rodriquez will be evaluated in the next few days, as Torino will continue their preparation on Tuesday.



The club’s official website confirmed all players tested negative and are ready to go after concluding the pre-season retreat.

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Llorente or Giroud for Inter role | Football Italia

  Inter are seeking a low-cost understudy to Romelu Lukaku, with Fernando Llorente of Napoli now more likely than Chelsea’s Olivier Giroud.

  There is still no centre-forward who covers the same characteristics as their Belgium international hitman.

  Antonio Conte has made no secret of his desire to work with Giroud, who only recently signed a new contract at Stamford Bridge after he was on the verge of a January move to San Siro.

  According to Tuttosport, the latest candidate for Inter is Llorente,


who is available for practically nothing from Napoli.

  The veteran Spaniard already worked with Conte at Juventus and is so far on the outskirts of the Partenopei squad that he hasn’t even been given a shirt number.

  Benevento and Genoa are interested, but his Champions League experience could be valuable for Inter.

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