上海男子养生会所:All Nippon Airways: To control operating costs in the future, resources will be concentrated at Haneda Airport

All Nippon Airways: To control operating costs in the future, resources will be concentrated at Haneda Airport

Tokyo, October 22. According to the Japan Jiji News Agency,Japan’s All Nippon Airways announced on the 21st,For international routes that have been significantly reduced by the impact of the new crown epidemic,After the market demand resumes,Resources will be prioritized on the routes to and from Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

Currently,In addition to Haneda Airport,ANA will also open international routes at major hub airports in Narita, Chubu and Kansai.All Nippon Airways intends to concentrate its resources on Haneda Airport,In order to achieve the purpose of controlling flight operating costs.

Currently,All Nippon Airways has 75 international routes,But as of the 15th of this month,There are only 14 airlines still flying under the epidemic,Mainly concentrated in the two major airports of Haneda and Narita,There are zero international routes to and from the Kansai and Chubu airports.Simultaneously,Even the international routes that are still flying have significantly reduced the number of flights.Reduced 87% of the flight schedule in October.(Compilation: Liu Ge, proofreading: Chen Jianjun)

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上海娱乐会所:A Chinese couple was robbed at gunpoint in the Free State Province of South Africa. The Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg issued a safety alert

A Chinese couple was robbed at gunpoint in the Free State of South Africa. The Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg issued a safety alert

Johannesburg, October 21 (Wang Lei) According to the news of the Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg on October 20,last weekend,A Chinese couple who runs a supermarket in Botshabelo, Free State Province, encountered a number of gangsters who were robbed at gunpoint and beaten and injured while the door was open for business.Later, he was promptly assisted by volunteers from the Free State Fujian Association, Shi Qinping, and other consular insured volunteers to be sent to the hospital for treatment.Fortunately, no life is in danger.It is understood thatLast month, criminals broke into and stole some cash in the supermarket.But it did not arouse the couple’s vigilance,The police have now intervened,And began to investigate whether the same group of criminals did it.

Since last year,Vicious public security cases involving Chinese citizens have occurred in QwaQwa, Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu in the Free State Province.Caused several unfortunate casualties.After the outbreak of the new crown virus in South Africa this year,The epidemic and security situation in various places including the Free State are both severe.Political corruption trials, economic recession and unemployment triggered a surge in public security cases such as rallies, protest strikes, confrontations between police and civilians on the streets, and armed robberies.Recently,In Senekal, Free State, the trial of the murder of the farmer caused a rise in racial rivalry.Local people with conflicting appeals gathered outside the court for a tense confrontation.Bring serious threats and unstable factors to local security.In Lesotho, which borders the Free State Province, Chinese citizens were kidnapped, killed and killed in attacks.

The Consulate General in Johannesburg once again solemnly reminds overseas Chinese living and working in the Free State,Far away from the motherland and relatives,Health and safety are the top priority,Bloody facts and profound and painful lessons are telling us,Don’t neglect your personal safety because of the petty gains in front of you,Don’t rely on a momentary fluke to have consequences beyond regret.

The national emergency declared by South Africa due to the epidemic has not yet ended.The consular regions of Gauteng and Free State provinces are still at the forefront of the country’s severity of the epidemicI hope that the majority of overseas Chinese will not take it lightly.Do not relax your vigilance because the epidemic has slowed down.As the epidemic becomes normal,We must put our health and life safety first,Overcome the fatigue and war exhaustion of fighting the epidemic and security,Continue to take security measures for business premises,It is recommended that merchants purchase necessary insurance according to their own circumstances,Use cashless payment methods for large transactions as much as possible.Supermarkets and wine shops operating in remote rural areas and black areas should shorten their business hours on weekdays and weekends in a timely manner as appropriate.At the same time pay attention to safety prevention,Keep as far away as possible from political gatherings and demonstrations.Keep calm in the event of robbery and other emergencies,The first principle is to ensure personal safety and give up money and not life,Not conflict with the gangsters,If you can fight back, you need to avoid over-defense,After the incident, report to the police in time and contact the nearest Chinese Embassy in South Africa, the Chinese Police-Civil Cooperation Center or the local overseas Chinese delegation for help.

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男士spa会所:70% of mass infections at Oizumi Police Station in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, are now isolated at home

70% of mass infections at Oizumi Police Station in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, are now isolated at home

Tokyo, October 26 (Li Muhang) Japan’s Gunma Prefecture Police announced on the 25th thatA new male police officer in his 50s was diagnosed with the new crown virus in Daquan Police Station.The number of infected people in the police station has accumulated to 10 people.It is reported that,Since mid-October,There have been confirmed cases in the police station,At present, 74 of the 107 staff have taken home isolation measures.Accounted for 70% of the total.

According to Japanese media reports,A male police officer in his 50s at the Daquan Police Station was diagnosed on October 18.One additional person was diagnosed on the 21st and 23rd.On the 24th, 6 people were newly diagnosed.According to the Gunma Prefecture Police,As of the 25th,Another 2 officers of the police station said they were unwell.Currently,A total of 39 police headquarters and other police officers who have entered and exited the Daquan Police Station have taken home quarantine measures.

Gunma Prefecture Police Headquarters.(Photo source: Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” website)

Currently,Among the officers of the Daquan Police Station who are isolated at home,Including the Director and Deputy Director of Oizumi Police Station.In addition to dispatching officers from the police headquarters to the Oizumi Police Station to provide support, the Gunma Prefecture PoliceThe post of Acting Director of the Supervision Section has been appointed.

To prevent the spread of infection,The Oizumi Traffic Safety Association, which is adjacent to the Oizumi Police Station, also stopped handling the counter services such as driver license renewal and registration changes.

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上海娱乐会所:Friendly exchange activities for the 40th anniversary of the friendship between Fuzhou and Nagasaki

Friendly exchange activities for the 40th anniversary of the friendship between Fuzhou City and Nagasaki City
福州市尤猛军市长和长崎市田上富久市长出席活动并互致贺辞The Mayor of Fuzhou Yumeng Army and the Mayor of Nagasaki Tokami Takami attended the event and exchanged congratulatory speeches

News To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the relationship between the two cities,On the morning of October 20,Fuzhou City and Nagasaki City held an exchange event to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the friendship.The mayor of Fuzhou Yumengjun and the mayor of Nagasaki Tokami Takami attended the event and exchanged congratulatory messages.The deputy mayor of Hangdong of Fuzhou presided over the meeting.

The two sides signed a fishery exchange agreement between the two cities,Fuzhou Foreign Language School and Nagasaki Commercial High School, Fuzhou Nineteenth Middle School and Nagasaki Mie Middle School signed an agreement on friendship school relations.Delegates interacted deeply,Sincerely communicate,Speak freely.

You Mengjun said,In this special period,Through the special method of “Meeting in the Cloud”,To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the friendship between Fuzhou City and Nagasaki City,Talk about friendship,Seek common development,It makes sense.For 40 years,The two sides have frequent personnel exchanges,Economic and trade cooperation continues to deepen,Exchanges in various aspects such as cultural education, sports events, theatrical performances, and Huangbo culture are getting closer and closer.In many fields such as tap water technology and aquatic products,Fruitful cooperation results have been achieved.During this year’s new crown pneumonia epidemic, we gave each other supplies and watched and helped each other,It reflects the close relationship between the two cities and their brotherhood,It demonstrates the profound friendship between the people of the two cities.Nagasaki City has advanced concepts in the fields of urban planning and space utilization.The advantages of shipbuilding, seafood processing, tourism and other industries are outstanding,It is highly complementary to Fuzhou’s urban construction and industrial development,The space for cooperation between the two parties is very broad.

You Mengjun said,40 years of friendship,40 years of joint efforts,40 years of gratifying results are shining,Should be cherished.I hope that the two cities can take the “40th anniversary of the relationship” as an opportunity,Seize opportunities and expand cooperation,Carry forward and inherit traditional friendship together,Compose a brilliant chapter of friendly exchanges between the two cities.

Tomihisa Tanakami said,This video exchange meeting is the first online exchange event held between Nagasaki City and sister cities.Adopt a new form of video conferencing,Not only changed the previous form of communication,It also reflects the development of friendly relations between the two cities.For 40 years,The exchanges and cooperation between the two cities in various fields have achieved fruitful results.Especially in the field of aquatic products and tap water,The two sides not only exchanged study tours,Learn and communicate with each other,Promote technological upgrading,It also enhances mutual trust.This time a friendship school was established,Broaden the exchanges and cooperation between the two cities in the field of education,It will enable more young people of the two cities to experience and continue the friendly exchanges between the two cities.Significance.

Tomihisa Tanakami said,I sincerely hope that the friendship between the two cities will continue to deepen,Looking forward to visiting Fuzhou after the epidemic is over,Experience Fuzhou Metro,Feel the new development of Fuzhou,In-depth exchanges with friends from all walks of life in Fuzhou,Collide sparks of innovation and cooperation.

Fuzhou and Nagasaki, Japan formally established a sister city relationship on October 20, 1980.Is the first international sister city of Fuzhou,It is also the first pair of sister cities in Fujian Province.Since the establishment of the two cities,High-level mutual visits and frequent personnel exchanges,Economic and trade exchanges and cooperation have developed steadily,Significant achievements in technical exchanges,Cultural, educational and sports exchanges are fruitful.


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上海男子养生会所:Egypt severely punishes those infected with the new crown virus for hidden reasons

Egypt severely punishes those infected with the new crown virus for hidden reasons

The Egyptian government emphasized thatThose infected with the new coronavirus must take the initiative to report,Those who conceal the truth will be severely punished.

According to a report on the evening of the 25th by the Dubai-based Arab Satellite TV,The Egyptian President’s Health Affairs Adviser Taguddin pointed out thatThose infected with the new coronavirus must take the initiative to report,If you conceal the fact that they were infected and have contact with citizens,Will be severely punished.Tajiddin said,Prior to this, the state already had relevant penalties,To strictly prevent the epidemic,A new penalty clause will be added on the basis of the original law,Increase punishment.

According to a report from “Egyptians Today”,By the 25th,The cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Egypt has increased to 106,540,98903 cases have been cured,A total of 6199 deaths occurred.According to the report,The Egyptian Ministry of Health is starting a large number of new prevention and control work in various provinces across the country.Take all necessary measures to prevent any viruses or infectious diseases.(Anguo Zhang)

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上海养生会所:France recalls its ambassador to Turkey

France recalls its ambassador to Turkey

Paris, October 25 (Reporter Tang Ji) The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the 25th, saying,In view of the Turkish government’s improper remarks and insults to the French head of state in the attack on the city of Confranc-Saint-Honolinne in the northwestern suburb of ParisFrance recalled its ambassador to Turkey on the same day.

The statement said,After the murder of the middle school teacher in Conflan-Saint Honorine,The Turkish government did not condemn terrorism or support France,But “spreading hatred and defamatory remarks against France”,Directly insult French President Macron,This behavior is “unacceptable”.France recalled its ambassador to Turkey on the 25th.

A knife attack occurred in the city of Confranc-Saint-Honolinne on the 16th.A teacher showed cartoons involving religion to students in class,He was attacked and killed by a Chechen man.French President Macron immediately condemned the “terrorist attack.”And said that the government will take firm and rapid action.

According to French media reports,Turkish President Erdogan expressed dissatisfaction with the French government’s measures.In a televised speech, Macron “needs a mental examination.”Macron said,Erdogan’s speech was “unacceptable.”

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上海水疗会所:France expands curfew areas in response to second wave of epidemic

France expands curfew areas in response to “second wave of epidemic”

Paris, October 22 (Reporter Tang Ji Chen Chen) French Prime Minister Castel announced on the 22nd,In response to the worsening new crown epidemic,The French government decided to expand the curfew area.

Castel held an epidemic briefing with several ministers in the Prime Minister’s Office that afternoon.He said,France “is experiencing the second wave of epidemics”,In the last 7 days, the diagnosis rate has reached 251 per 100,000 people.An increase of 40% over the previous cycle,The number of newly confirmed cases doubled in 15 days.

Castel said,Following the implementation of curfews in ?le-de-France and other places on the 17th,The government decided to expand the curfew area from 0:00 on the 24th,Another 6-week curfew will be imposed on 38 provinces and French Polynesia.It is prohibited to go out from 21 o’clock to 6 o’clock the next day.Traveling for special reasons requires a certificate of going out.

He said,”The next few weeks will be tough”,The death toll will continue to increase,The medical system faces severe challenges.If the epidemic continues to worsen,It is not ruled out that stricter measures will be taken.

French Minister of Health Verande said,France will increase the number of intensive care beds to 7,700 within 15 days,The number of virus tests will also increase from 1.1 million per week to 1.6 million per week.

French Minister of Culture Bachelot said,The government will provide 1 for performance industries and theaters affected by the epidemic and curfew.1.5 billion euros in aid.

According to statistics from the French health department,As of the afternoon of the 22nd,There were 41,622 newly confirmed cases in France within 24 hours,A total of 999,043 confirmed cases,A total of 34210 deaths occurred.In the last 7 days,The number of newly admitted patients reached 10,166,Among them, 1627 patients were treated in the intensive care unit.

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上海养生会所:Expand logistics cooperation to promote mutual benefit and win-win

Expand logistics cooperation to promote mutual benefit and win-win

  At the Lightning Express Lashan Distribution Center in Bangkok, Thailand,The staff is scanning the unloading truck.
  Photo by our reporter Zhao Yipu

  The “Research Report on the Development of China’s Express Delivery Industry (2019-2020)” previously released by the Development Research Center of the State Post Bureau of China showsSoutheast Asia has become a popular area for Chinese express companies to “go out” cooperation.The efficient and convenient services of Chinese companies are welcomed by people in Southeast Asia.Its mature operation model has also driven the development of the local express logistics industry.

  Professional and efficient

  Courier service wins word of mouth

  The population of Southeast Asia is about 6.500 million,Mobile Internet penetration is high,However, insufficient logistics infrastructure has affected the development of the express delivery industry.As Chinese express companies such as Best, JD.com, and Lightning reached business in Southeast Asian countries,People in Southeast Asia increasingly feel the speed and convenience of Chinese express delivery.

  In the southwestern suburbs of Bangkok,It was almost evening,The cross belt sorter of Lightning Express Lashan Distribution Center started,Start the busiest moment of the day.”The Lashan Distribution Center handles more than 500,000 express items every day.More than 700 trucks are driving from here to all parts of Thailand,Six of them headed towards Ranong,That is the southernmost point of our ‘Next Day Delivery’ service.”Li Fashun, founder and CEO of Lightning Express, said,Lightning reached business in Thailand in 2018,There are currently more than 3,500 stores and 19 distribution centers.In 77 provinces across Thailand,The order volume has increased steadily,”This shows that the Thai people recognize our services.”

  Lightning Express is a major investment company in the World Electronic Trade Platform (eWTP) initiated by Alibaba Group.Ranked second in Thailand’s express market share.”right now,Express delivery to Chiang Mai with Lightning,Can be there in two days,Save half of the time than before.”Bangkok citizen Vitalia told reporters,In the past, she had to go to the store to send express delivery.The process of queuing and filling in the form is troublesome,Later, there was the free door-to-door collection service of Lightning.”I can send things without going out,It’s so convenient!”

  Tawik Tun Rak is a middle school physical education teacher in Ranong Province, southern Thailand.For many years, I have been buying sports goods such as football, basketball, and sportswear from the capital Bangkok.Starting this year,The dealers in Bangkok deliver goods to Dunlat through Lightning.”Ranong is more than 580 kilometers away from Bangkok.It used to take 3 to 5 days to send ordinary freight,Order now on the same day,Sent to school at noon the next day,Transportation costs are also cheaper.”Dun Lak said.

  IKEA, a world-renowned household goods company, opened up the Indonesian market in 2014.After several local stores chose to cooperate with JD Logistics,The latter proposed and implemented a professional set of operating plans,IKEA’s performance has improved significantly within 3 months.IKEA said,JD Logistics brings China’s mature experience to Indonesia,”The professionalism and efficiency of China’s express delivery industry are trustworthy.”

  Expand business

  Create a large number of jobs

  Gilaporn Dongpa is the head of the branch in the Chatuchak district of Bangkok.”I just joined Lightning up last year.The epidemic has a huge impact on Thailand’s economy,But our workload has been increasing,My salary has also increased by more than 2,000 baht (1 yuan is about 4.66 baht).”There are more than 50 couriers in the outlets under the charge of Gilaporn Dongpa.Everyone is very motivated,”The express delivery industry has just emerged in Thailand.The future is exciting.”

  ”Chinese capital and technology helped Thailand develop the express delivery industry.It also provides a large number of jobs,Cultivate industry talents for the local area.”Gilabon Dongpa said frankly,The work experience here laid the foundation for his future entrepreneurship.

  In July this year,Best Group’s express delivery services in Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore officially started operations; in Myanmar,ZTO Group has built three domestic transfer centers in Myanmar, Muse, Mandalay and Yangon.And continue to improve the transportation main line and branch lines of various branches; YTO International officially opened Vietnam international express parcel business in 2019; SF Express invested in Myanmar logistics company KOSPA,And set up a joint venture company in Indonesia to mainly engage in e-commerce and express delivery.

  Assong Si, associate professor of the School of Economics at Thammasat University, Thailand, said,The express logistics industry is a manifestation of a country’s infrastructure level.Southeast Asian countries are striving to improve and develop the express logistics industry.Chinese express companies have relatively mature development models,Southeast Asian countries can learn from relevant experience and technology,Promote the rapid development of local logistics and other service industries.


  E-commerce helps economic and trade development

  According to a report recently released by the international market research company Nielsen,During the epidemic prevention and control period,The online shopping consumption of people in Southeast Asia has increased significantly.With the widespread application of digital technology,Cross-border online shopping and e-commerce are booming.

  Chanthaburi is a famous fruit planting base in Thailand.It is famous for producing durians.Ulabong, a 56-year-old durian planter, said,When the epidemic in Thailand was severe in the first half of the year,It’s the durian harvest season,I am very worried about the durian slowdown.”Through the e-commerce platform,Chanthaburi durian is especially popular among Chinese consumers.Even sold at a better price.”Ulapon said,During the epidemic prevention and control period,The uninterrupted Thai-Chinese cross-border logistics has guaranteed the income of Thai fruit farmers.

  According to data from the Thai Ministry of Commerce,China is Thailand’s largest export market for durians.first half of this year,Thailand exports 10 durians to the Chinese mainland market.$2.2 billion,A year-on-year increase of 140%.

  In February this year,ASEAN became China’s largest trading partner for the first time,Cross-border logistics between China and Southeast Asian countries has become increasingly important.At the China International Service Trade Fair held previously,Best has released Southeast Asian “self-mailing” service products,Mainly provide cross-border logistics services between China and Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore.

  Tang Longkong Wu Sen Thilangu, deputy director of the Thailand-China “Belt and Road” Cooperation Research Center, said,In recent years, Southeast Asian e-commerce has entered a period of rapid development.The modern express logistics industry that complements e-commerce is also facing important development opportunities.The economies of Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand are more affected by the epidemic.Improving infrastructure and developing the express delivery industry are one of the ways to counter the economic downside risks.”Thailand welcomes Chinese express companies to bring new models and new technologies.Promote interconnection under the framework of the “Belt and Road Initiative”,Assist the construction of Southeast Asia’s local express network,Further revitalize regional economic development.”

  (Report from Bangkok, October 21st)

  ”People’s Daily” (16th edition on October 22, 2020)

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上海娱乐会所:Egypt’s electronic payment accelerates development

Egypt’s electronic payment accelerates development

  Egyptian Finance Minister Mait recently stated thatAs of the end of July this year,The business volume of Egypt paying government service fees through electronic payments has increased by 223% over the past year.The “Egypt Today” website states thatEgypt has issued more than 32 million payment cards and 14 million mobile wallets.It shows that the people’s acceptance and welcome of electronic payment is increasing day by day.

  The increasing activity of e-commerce is also boosting the development of electronic payment in Egypt.Hisham, CEO of e-commerce platform Jumia Egypt said,In recent months, the platform’s local sales and new users have both tripled.To avoid interpersonal contact,The number of consumers choosing electronic payment instead of cash on delivery has greatly increased.

  In recent years,The Egyptian government took a multi-pronged approach,Vigorously promote the development of electronic payment.In 2017,Egypt established a national payment committee,Responsible for building a national electronic payment system and supervising the system framework to reduce corresponding risks.The committee has so far introduced various measures,Enact non-cash transaction bills,Require government agencies not to pay 20,000 Egyptian pounds (1 US dollar is approximately 15.6 Egyptian pounds) above transactions,Departments and institutions that provide public services realize non-cash payments in stages,Provide convenience and discounts for citizens to open mobile payment accounts.

  Only in the budget for this fiscal year,Egypt allocated 12.7 billion Egyptian pounds for digital transformation projects,The government is also experimenting with using local e-wallets to pay government employees.Mayt said,The electronic payment and collection system will save 25% of the currency issuance cost and shorten the service time by 50%.

  During the epidemic prevention and control period,Egypt has introduced more measures to encourage electronic payments.The Bank of Egypt stated thatA total of 100,000 POS machines are currently being installed in active commercial locations such as supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies across the country.By December of this year,Merchants and consumers who use the QR code to receive and pay will receive different amounts of cash rewards.recently,The Central Bank of Egypt and the Federation of Egyptian Banks also jointly carry out activities,Promote the advantages of electronic payment,Promote electronic payment related businesses.By scanning QR codes, swiping credit cards, etc.,Shopping, payment and transfer without using cash.A series of advertisements showing electronic payment scenes appeared more frequently on Egyptian television and the Internet.

  Based on the large number of young people and the high penetration rate of mobile phones,The outside world is generally optimistic about the prospects of the Egyptian electronic payment market.Shafee, an economist at the Egyptian Capital Economic Research Center, believes thatWith the support and encouragement of the government,It is expected that the development of electronic payment in Egypt will continue to accelerate in the next few years.

  (This paper Cairo, October 25th)

  ”People’s Daily” (16th edition on October 26, 2020)

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